Thursday, November 11, 2010

Opera Knitting

Isn't this just the best picture? Wish I'd taken it, but I found it on Vancouver Opera's Facebook page. Members of the chorus knitting away backstage during Lillian Alling . . .

I haven't mentioned my knitting projects for a while now, but they've been multiplying. . .

I'm almost finished back and front on the v-neck I'm making for myself (a Vogue Early Fall 2010 pattern) -- sleeves are bracelet length so shouldn't take too long -- I'm hoping to finish this within the month. Lace patterns, of course, never look like much until they're blocked, but I can already tell that this bamboo, silk, merino combo makes a lovely fabric.
Besides the lacework requiring some attention, though, this is hardly a portable project, and I need something to work on while riding the ferry each day, so I've got some worsted socks on the go. Besides the ones in the photo below, I made a pair in the lighter colour, striped with the leftover darker blue -- my plan is to make a pair for each of my sons-in-and-out-of-law. They're worsted, so they knit up quickly, and they'll be toasty warm after a day skiing.

This next project is one I'm itching to get to -- and some would argue I'll itch once I do get to it, but mohair doesn't bother me that way. I was drawn to this pattern as soon as I saw it last winter, but resisted it as potentially too trendy. Until I saw a sample made up at Mad About Ewe, my local yarn store. It's going to be so wonderful to wear some gloomy winter day -- a swingy tunic-dress of floaty-light mohair to wear over a silk t-neck and some leggings. It should be a really quick knit, but I've made myself a deal that I can't start it until I'm on the final stretch of that v-neck pullover. (Would simply casting on be cheating? Perhaps a row or two, just to check out the colour and drape. . . ?)
Another store sample tripped me right over to the cash register with an extra pattern and two balls of the scrumptious Debbie Bliss Fez (85% Extrafine Merino; 15% Camel -- yummy!). Knitting sweaters in size 2 is a welcome treat -- very little delay to this gratification, and I'll get the added pleasure of seeing Nola wearing her birthday gift -- just have to get it finished by next weekend. Shouldn't be too hard considering I got to the armholes in two or three hours' knitting.

I've also got some very pretty Worsted for making socks as per Daughter #3's request -- she points out that nothing else keeps her feet warm enough when she's studying late at night.
And then I was trying to figure out where I'd stashed the mohair pictured above -- and surprised myself by opening a bag of yarn I remember buying late last winter, yarn for quick gifts -- cowls, hats, and the like.

So apparently I'm ready to join the Vancouver Opera choir. Oh, damn! they want a voice as well as knitting ability? Maybe not then . . . .


  1. I'm considering re-starting knitting, since the yarn-eating cat has passed away and the other one could care less. The temperate weather and my lack of speed are holding me back. I guess I could get a practice skein or two...famous last words!

  2. I can hear the chorus...knit one purl two...lah lah...

    When I saw that picture I thought it must be a religious sect or nuns...too funny mater!

    BTW you are a prolific diva with the yarn :)

  3. I so want the lace Vogue is really sumptuous! And bamboo, silk and merino? Oh my!
    I had made a lacy one like that once; over the years it stretched to 4X's its size! OOps, must have goofed on the gauge....

  4. Oooh, that top photo is creepy. And I just bought some placemats in exactly that same shade of pink.

  5. I remember the lure of those knitting shops, the garment already created, the complete pack ready to buy, tempting me. Sadly what gives you pleasure would give me a nervous breakdown just getting the right tension makes me...well tense!

  6. Nancy: Famous last words, indeed! I think I see the top of your head, just disappearing into that rabbit hole marked "Just a skein or two". . .
    Hostess: They do look a bit sect-ish, don't they? The costumes are from a powerful scene in the opera when Lillian Alling is incarcerated at Oakalla, then a women's prison.
    F>50: I'm counting on the merino content to keep the stretch from happening -- silk alone I wouldn't trust!
    K: Oooh, those placemats will really pop against all your wood -- very modern contrast.
    Alison: Funny, isn't it, how we manage to find the creative medium that suits us, while others just shake their heads in dismay at the very notion.

  7. Goodness, how do you find time to teach and write and knit too? I love the colors.

  8. Susan: It's more a compulsion than a case of finding time . . . ;-)


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