Monday, November 1, 2010

It Never Rains but it Pours!

What is this odd image? I wondered as well, this morning, as I checked out the ceiling above the drips in our TV room. The taped green plastic that's pulled away from the ceiling is what Pater put in place yesterday before he and our contractor nailed plywood over the roof structure -- because with the skylight removed until the shingles are applied, debris was free to float in and he wanted to slow it down on its way. But as I stared at it this morning, after last night's wild gale-force winds and pouring rain, I tried to figure out why he'd stuffed a cushion up there, and what cushion was that, all shiny green and wet-looking.

Ah-ha! Slowly, reluctantly, and with some shock, I recognized this creature as the inward-bulging of the tarp, obviously filled with gallons of water. Some of it had already begun obeying the dictates of gravity, working its way through minuscule holes in the tarp to do this
to the leather ottoman below. It had also created a sizable puddle on the fir floor and splashed several books and more than one knitting project.

I debated a few remedies, including trying to push the "cushion" upward and, hopefully, outward, but flashed on the many possible ways that could backfire and stopped myself in time. As well, I thought better of heading up the ladder to try to coax the water along from up above. Instead, I phoned our contractor (Pater being in Vanc'r) who heroically arrived within minutes and went up the ladder to bail.

Everything's drying out now, and the roofers arrive sometime this week, but I've got my drip-catching bowls at the ready.
Did your week start with any comparable drama?


  1. Yikes! I'm glad your contractor was able to respond so quickly! Hopefully everything inside will dry out and you won't have any permanent water damage...

  2. I hope that your cushion will dry without a well as your floor.
    Lucky for you your contractor was free...they are often difficult to track down when you need them.

    Maybe the rain will let up a has stopped here for now but the sky looks like it is temporary.

  3. Nightmare! Glad you stopped yourself from trying some DIY and got the contractor instead. No drama here, thank goodness - a quiet weekend and and extra day off today for All Saints. There's no Halloween here as such, although our school does a Trunk or Treat for the younger kids - parents decorate the trunks of their cars in the car park and the kids parade around. We've never been as our boys were already too old for it when we came here, but by all accounts it's a lot of fun. P.

  4. That is terrible! So sorry. But you have a good attitude.

  5. I almost said, when it rains, it pours...
    why is it that way? no answer needed..

  6. car parked out front, neighbour mows lawn, rock meets rear window of car. 300.00 deductible. Who said it could always be worse? what about some it could always be better:) Glad you were able to get the contractor over to help. Here's hoping the week only gets better.

  7. Pseu: I suspect the ottoman will be stained, but as long as it doesn't mildew inside, we'll just refer to the patina of the leather!
    Hostess: He lives on the island and is an absolute gem! We're so lucky.
    Patricia: What a great (and quirky) adaptation of a N. Am. custom: Trunk and Treat -- you ex-pats are very inventive, aren't you!
    K: It could have been so much worse that I find it easy to look on the bright side (for example, it missed the TV by about 18 inches).
    F>50: ;-)
    Hilary: I know! I remember a year, back about a decade or so, when we got soooo tired of saying "At least it's only money; It could have been worse" -- there were a few deductibles involved at that time as well, and several things I would have preferred to do with the money. Still, overall, it could have been worse . . .

  8. I decided to clean our disused shower this week and sluiced it out with clean water only to remember he had disconnected the drain.... a whole bucket of water pour4ed straight down into the girls bathroom! Through the light fitting. I feel your pain although no lasting damage like your poor ottoman.

  9. Gaaaah! Water is the enemy of homes, SO glad you caught it at this relatively minimal point. Cup of tea, deep breath!

  10. Oh dear, I'm glad your contractor came to rescue. I hope the ottoman stain fades away.

  11. Oh no! Happy that you caught it in time. Hope that dryness and warmth are again the order of the day.

  12. Oh so happy that you caught this in time, and that your contractor was able to respond so quickly! We've had our water problems over the years (from the top down not the bottom up).

    An exciting week beginning here. Spouse with sciatic pain, couldn't walk, went to hospital, sent home, got worse, couldn't stand, pulled handrails out of bathroom walls and turned over furniture on himself in repeated attempts to be "independent". Now in hospital for neurological work-up. No serious injuries to spouse or house from all the excitement. no other results yet.

    Hope your week has brightened up considerably and that the ottoman has minimal staining and no mildew.

  13. Alison: Yikes!
    Duchesse: It was not bad at all, although if that whole "cushion" had burst through, there would have been real trouble. And yes, I'm a big believer in the restorative power of tea!
    Susan T: Thanks, it's drying up quite nicely.
    LBR:Thank you, and yes, warmth and dryness are again the standard here.
    Mardel: Compared to health problems, a bit of water in the house is really not a big deal. You put a cheery spin on your "exciting" week, but I imagine that's been very gruelling -- I'm thinking of you, and wishing you both the best.


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