Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Still in the Garden . . .

There's rain scheduled for tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that. And knowing how the weather can be here, we might be carrying umbrellas right through November. December. January. February.

But this week we've had a lovely reprieve. Sunshine at temperatures just right for tights -- I love it!
And so although I've regaled you with many a pretty Fall photo post, here comes another. It's all just so beautiful out there right now.

The grasses, for example, their seed heads gleaming in the light.
And the parthenocissus (**tricuspidata** -- added after Pseu's comment below), or Virginia creeper Boston Ivy**, that transforms a tall stump into a brilliant flame dominating the garden.

Not bad, the roses still blooming in October . . .
the bamboo
these exquisite purple beads on the Callicarpa -- we picked up two more of these plants the other day and Pater dug them in nearby for an even more dramatic cluster in future.
The sedum spectabile, Autumn Splendour, really hold their own for a month or two in the Fall, although I appreciate their fleshy green through spring and summer.

And while these Allium globes were spectacular as large purple spring flowers, they're still an interesting sculptural ornamentation dotted through the garden (in the background you can see the hardy fuschia, still blooming profusely).
Head down, now, nose to the grindstone, soldiering into the toughest part of my week. When I emerge sometime Friday, it will be to head to Vancouver for Thanksgiving weekend. Are you planning for the weekend already as well?


  1. Your snaps show how diverse and full your garden must be, have you ever hosted a tour?
    I think it's got the right "bones"

    Thanksgiving this year will be a brunch so that we can all enjoy lovely granddaughter Isla while she is awake!

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend mater.

  2. "Boston Ivy" is the common name I've always heard for parthenosissis, but I like Virginia creeper too. At any rate, it's a favorite of mine and we're thinking about finding a place in our new landscape to allow some to creep and color.

    But oh my, those blue skies! So incredibly deep! And we have rain here too, not so common this early in the month. I'm grateful for it, as it may shorten our fire season in addition to giving the yard parched by last week's heat a needed drink and bath.

  3. Hostess: Thanks! We did host a few garden tours here quite a few years ago (our little island does an annual GT), but now we always seem to be away when they're held.
    Enjoy Isla and family -- Thanks-giving, indeed!
    Pseu: You're right! I'll change the label right away -- I popped out to the garden to check the leaves and this is Boston Ivy (parthenocissus tricuspidata rather than p. quinquefolia).
    Never thought I could sincerely tell someone to enjoy the rain, but I suppose I could wish that on you and you might even follow my advice ;-)

  4. I just looked out the window at my sedum as it has been hidden by overgrowth--must put that on the list!
    You've motivated me--the pics are great. Love the callicarpa-

  5. I love the range of colors and textures in your garden.

  6. Just as your Boston Ivy is doing its beautiful autumn show, mine has suddenly sprung to life with glossy red new foliage ... We've had lots of spring rain, so while I resent the muddy footprints and the dirty dogs, I love the effect on the garden.

  7. Oh, the sedums! Mine are overgrown too and the garden still looks more trampled than vibrant, but I think I only have another week to week and a half of workmen. Much as I love the results I am eager to get them out of my yard and off my plants.

  8. It's always inspiring to see your garden posts, even though I'm on the opposite coast. We still have roses too, a beautiful treat for this Prairie born and raised Canadian. Somehow, the sight of them every year makes me pull out W.O. Mitchell's Roses are Difficult Here, and it's become an annual Thanksgiving tradition.

    We still celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, and I am getting ready for the dinner and starting to decorate the house for autumn.


  9. My garden is a complete washout after at least 5 inches of rain this week. So lovely to see some blue sky even if it is on your blog and not from my window.

  10. Your garden is quite lovely in the fall. This weekend, if all goes according to plan, we will have two - count 'em! - Thanksgiving dinners, both potlucks. Luckily, someone else will be cooking the turkeys - our oven is way too small!! Happy Thanksgiving! Patricia

  11. Fover50: I know what you mean! If I didn't have Pater home now, doing some of the gardening, mine would be overgrown as well!
    Susan: Thanks!
    Tiffany: So some synchronicity across the hemispheres!
    Christine: What a lovely ex-pat response! I wish you a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, a sumptuous turkey feast, and some happy memories of Canada.
    Alison: I suspect we'll be swimming by next week as well. So I'm savouring for the moment . . .
    Patricia: That's a lot of turkey! Enjoy!


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