Thursday, September 16, 2010

Leather and Tough Spots and Treats, Oh Yes!

Duchesse's post yesterday has me figuring how I can stop by Danier's to check out their leather Ts and sheath dress. We'll be so close this weeekend, but we're only over 'til Sunday morning and Saturday's already got a run, some Nola time, and a Shakespeare play on the agenda.

So I'm reminding myself, Steady, Woman, Didn't you just buy yourself some pretty leather? . . .
Which reminded me I'd promised to model it for you, instead of simply showing it on the young modelshow you how a woman of a certain age ather than on the model. This isn't the best photo -- I'm wearing a thick leather belt underneath, as if my own middle weren't girth enough! And Pater always takes so long setting up the shots that my smile and pose stiffen and skew (he's working on it. . .). But you get the idea.

I didn't get home 'til almost 10 last night, after a long day that culminated in teaching a class from 6 'til 9. And in my body's twisted logic, that meant I didn't sleep well (why fatigue should translate into restless nights I can never understand) and have been awake since before 5 although I refused to get out of bed before 6. So I suspect today will feel at least as long as yesterday, even though I'll be done earlier. Funny how it all seemed so do-able in the planning process -- what was I thinking?

And the Pilates class I was so glad to get back to has left me excruciatingly aware of my musculature, particularly of the abdominal area. Ouch!

But I've got a little treat planned for Thursday mornings -- I've decided that since my Wednesday nights make the early Thursdays a challenge, I won't bother getting my breakfast at home those days but instead will head to our wonderful Mon Petit Choux for coffee and a brioche. Thus imbibing some Paris memories along with my morning repast, I'll be fortified for the day. So that's where I'm off to now.

What treats have you planned to get you through the tough spots? Do tell . . .


  1. I love that jacket. I can't wait to see it with a pair of jeans and some stilettos:).

  2. Looks great! Why do guys take so long setting up the shot?? (That sounds really dirty, somehow...)

  3. That jacket looks like it was made for you. It's stylish but not trendy. I'm predicting many years of happy wear.

    (I have the same problem with le monsieur and setting up for pictures. Hesitation on the shutter = forced expressions and stiff poses on my part.)

  4. Fits like it was made for you!

    My reward is a yoga class and a martini (at the weekend).

  5. Lovely jacket. Coffee and brioche sounds wonderful as do memories of Paris. We start every day with snuggles and expresso in bed. It seems to do the trick.

  6. Duly noted, Lisa!
    K: Glad you said it 'cause I couldn't help thinking it. . . too funny!
    Pseu: Thanks, and commiseration . . .they're so good-hearted it's hard to complain, but I do anyway ;-)
    Duchesse: Oh, what a perfect reward combo!
    Susan T: Not too many tough things that a snuggle won't make easier to deal with! And a snuggle with espresso before the day really starts -- perfection!

  7. I love your jacket - something similar is next on my list. Hm, treats - I love my cup of tea, one in the morning, one with hubby when he comes home from work, and one at night (I know, but I usually sleep pretty well). And once a week we buy bars of chocolate at the supermarket - the boys eat it pretty much in one gulp, I eat a few squares at a time with my tea at night. (It's not even anything special - just Milka German chocolate.) Patricia

  8. It is what to do with the hands that I always struggle with!
    I am getting a lot of wear out of my leather jacket; the weather has a Northern bite to it just now with frost on the way. I think those treats are crucial, I buy Grazia on Tuesdays, sad I know but it is just so much lighter than a newspaper.
    Years ago I and a friend used to treat ourselves to fish and chips every Friday. My waistline would really suffer now but I know like you say it is those treats that we need to help us through the day especially this long, long term.

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  10. I must get a leather jacket for autumn. Did you see this (very conservative) take on the probem of what to wear to work? ? Five Wardrobe Essentials for the Female Academic in the Humanities - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education

  11. I can't help but notice that after your *naked* post you are now wearing some extra skin. And a gorgeous skin you are in. Love it!
    I am planning some treats to get myself through the hard bits of the upcoming months. I have decided I am going to get back to the Pilates studio for some private sessions. That may not sound as delicious as a brioche or as decadent as a massage---but for me it is a real indulgence to have private sessions.

  12. Lesley: Thanks for the link! Could they have found anyone less suited to write about fashion and the female academic?!! She's confirming every suspicion and clich&eacute: out there!
    Alison: I hadn't known about Grazia but have now bookmarked their website. That seems a perfect mid-week treat.
    LBR: I've had the odd private Pilates and it's great. I'm quite lucky that my regular class never has more than 7, because it's limited by the number of reformers that fit in the studio reasonably. I do prefer the class to stay at 5 or below, though, just to get that extra attention.

  13. Love the jacket and you look wonderful. There was a time when G could quickly snap wonderful photos, but usually he takes too long and I have frozen into position, or become bored and fallen asleep. The timer is my friend now though I lust after a camera that will work with one of those remote thingys.

    I'd love to find some time to go back to private pilates classes. I did them for a while and the private classes are a must for me due to my anatomic limitations and restrictions. But they were fabulously helpful.


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