Friday, September 24, 2010

Boots . . .It's Academic . . .

You knew I was going to buy these boots, didn't you?! After my sister sent me the link to them (wretched enabling temptress that she is!)**, I stopped by Fluevog's to check them out. Loved them immediately, but calculated for a day or two. Recognized that I only had one pair of flat leather boots --brown cavalry, a considerably different vibe. Permission given to try on these Britneys.
Love at first sight, maybe, but NOT at first zip! I've never had a problem fitting boots over my calves. Yes, I've upped my running mileage recently, but not enough to bulk up. Yet the zipper was pinching inches before the top. . . Once I squeezed it tight, though, it was clear these will be in constant rotation. Splendidly comfy -- I wore this outfit Wednesday, my very long day, with nary a blister raised by the supple leather, despite the snug fit. And besides comfortable, dare I say they're a bit sassy?!
The skirt's a BCBG stretch jersey pencil skirt, also super comfy. Black tights, black boots, black stretch-cotton/poly T: I was mindful of Duchesse's recent caution about black on women our age. Still too warm in the classroom for a scarf--instead, I opted for these large chocolate gold beads as face-brightener. Studying the photo, I see I really must find a classic leather-strap watch. With my smaller stainless-steel-linked watch in the shop, I wore this Michael Kors big blue beast, which I'm finding too much for most outfits these days.

So there's a What I Wore for this week -- not sure anyone would deem this Academic Professional, but I liked it. Now off to figure out today's get-up and then move through Friday into the weekend. Mine's full of the first mountain of marking, but I'll squeeze in a treat or two. How's yours shaping up?

**She FB'd me yesterday that she bought a pair as well. Don't worry: we decided against a Sisters-in-Matching-Boots outing. . .


  1. Those boots are FANTASTIC!!! Your ensemble is the epitome of casual chic.

  2. You look like you could (or I guess did) conquer the world in your new boots!

  3. Love them upraised toes on you.

  4. Super!! The boots are really gorgeous and I love the effect of the beads - I have that problem with black near the face, that's a good solution. We have a quiet weekend planned - the boys need to be ferried around a bit and on Sunday evening we plan to take the younger one to a recital in the Matthias church in the castle district; he needs to go to a number of musical performances during the year and write about them for his music class. The church dates originally from the 14th century - should be very special, also because one of his teachers is playing. I should also do some clearing up for guests next week. It's going to be a crazy week! Patricia

  5. Love the boots! Love seeing the "what I wore" pics. Its sort of cathartic--don't you think?

    Oh, and congratulations--I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can find out more info about it on my blog--

  6. Love that outfit with the boots! You look very sharp and very much in charge as well, even with that big blue watch which manages to say don't mess with me with a hint of a wink.

    The brown gold beads are gorgeous next to your skin and tie everything together so nicely, picking up the way the light reflects on your hair the way they do, and tying into the brown heels on the boots.

  7. Sisters in matching boots is the cutest! And they are great boots. I'm sure it's about the boot that they didn't fit easily over your calves. It's extremely unlikely to thicken in the calves regardless of exercise (of course, if you gained 50 pounds maybe you'd notice, but probably not otherwise). They're a bit like wrists. They take their shape and stick with it.

  8. Love the boots!
    I have calves that are a challenge to squeeze into boots too...I do it very slowly so I don't pinch my skin...and the leather does give over time.
    Hope your weekend is fun.

  9. Thanks, Pseu -- you're sweet!
    Duchesse: You're right -- they really make me feel ready to take it all on!
    Susan: Thank you!
    LPC: Something about upraised toes appeals to me -- I try not to go too quirky, and I'm grateful the all-black reins the quirk in here a bit, but I do love some attitude!
    Patricia: Oh, that is going to be a fine, fine concert -- isn't it great that the school is assigning this?! Now if only they told him he has to go to the ballet with you . . .
    Fo50: Thanks! That's so generous of you. I'll pop by soon and check out your post.
    As for the What I Wore photos, I can't say I find them cathartic -- I always feel vulnerable, but I do believe in the value of images beyond those in the fashion mags, so I guess I'm just doing my part.
    Plus it is really fun to get all the feedback from readers!
    Mardel: Thanks! You're making me feel better about that watch! And wow, are you ever observant -- I had to look at the boots again to remember that the heel actually is brown. . .
    K-Line: I think the slim cut is deliberate because the leather is so supple and will stretch -- and the slimness suits the style. But I would imagine that cut excludes many, many potential purchasers.

  10. I adore this outfits. There is something so fab about those boots--classic with a twist. The necklace is a brilliant too. If I were you I would wear this outfit so often that people would ask me if I owned anything else.

  11. You look absolutely wonderful in this outfit!

  12. LBR: Isn't it great when you find an outfit you could happily put on, day after day! I love the way you express this . . . I can just imagine the polite, solicitous enquiries about the apparent sad vacancies in my wardrobe!
    SewingLibrarian: I love getting comments from new voices, especially when they're so complimentary! ;-)

  13. NICE BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOW!I wish I had tiny feet so I could sneak over and steal those(just kidding-kind of). But seriously, if you just can't think of a christmas present for me this year, I will start taping my feet now :)

  14. Too cheeky, Girl, too cheeky by half! I only have to keep these safe from one of you three, so don't tell Rhi about them ;-)

  15. You look so chic and so gorgeous. I covet those boots!

  16. Gina: Two words for you: Fluevog Online . . .


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