Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School Clothes

Poor Pater -- I interrupted his new retirement habit of reading the papers on-line this morning, asking him if he'd photograph my back-to-school outfit for my blog. He made sure to take enough shots from enough angles to guarantee at least some success, and he even knew I'd want the shoes in the photo.

And then as a reward he got to listen to me being dismayed about the truths the camera offers. I obviously still have too much in common with that teen-aged self whose portrait I shared with you the other day. But I am determined to get comfortable with -- even like! -- my visual image within my lifetime. So here I am, in a BR shirtdress, my black patent Browns brogues, tights (which I assumed were black when I grabbed them out of the drawer this morning, but turned out, in the light of day to be navy), a Birks necklace, and a leather belt.
A comfortable, yet authoritative combo, I thought, for facing all those new faces.
It was a bit odd to be wearing tights again after a summer in sandals and bare legs, but it was a good kind of odd -- I do like fall clothes, the shift to that more textured wardrobe. But the forecast is for sunshine tomorrow, and our non-air-conditioned and crowded classrooms mean I won't be packing away the sundresses yet.
So there you go -- a What I Wore post as promised. If only my students would do their homework so efficiently . . .


  1. I love both of these pictures of you!! You look fabulous and your personality really comes through. The ensemble is great, simple but well put together.

    I know what you mean about seeing oneself in photos, though. It takes quite a few views to be able wade through that brambled filter of negative judgements and break through to seeing myself objectively.

  2. You look wonderful! I love the dress and the shoes and your hair - everything. I find I'm OK with photos, it's the mirror that tells me things I'm not ready to hear. BTW, you inspired me, so I've got a post working for tomorrow about our family portrait:).

  3. I can deceive myself quite handily with the mirror. The photos always make me want to run and hide. Usually a little distance, coming back to them later, helps. You look fabulous.

  4. I think that's a great outfit - sober but without a trace of frumpiness. The belt is an excellent colour against the dress. And your hair looks lovely! We are so hard on ourselves ...

  5. Thanks, Pseu -- I'm working at it . . .
    LPC: I look forward to reading that!
    Mardel: Yes, I find the camera's insistence tough to ignore -- not sure if you've seen what Alison's been doing over at Indigoalison, but those photos seem really useful and I'd like to do more of them.
    Tiff: I do like the belt with the dress -- the colour contrast seems worth the thickening effect of a belt on my H shape. ;-)

  6. Yes, I really like what Alison's been doing though you reminded me that my computer went down before I commented and I need to get back there. I'd like to explore something along that line.

  7. I love the hair, the dress, the belt, the tights, the shoes and the background and your pose. I guess I am saying that I love it all.

  8. Mardel: You're a model for me in bravely putting yourself before the camera for us -- I'll be interested to see if you do something along Alison's lines.
    LBR: Thank you!

  9. Mater, I really like this outfit. I hope it did the job for you on your first day back at school. :0) Patricia

  10. Yeah, very preppy. Lucky you to fit into BR, I find them cut very small. I think navy tights are way better than black and wear them a lot.
    Having taken 100's of pictures I have learnt to 'place' my hands as well as the subtle art of slightly twisting my torso before clicking the shutter. Oh and don't forget there is the 'sucking it' all in!!! There is an art to this posing malarky the image ir rarely a true reflection of what is there.

  11. I´m a little late in commenting. You are dressed perfectly for your job. Your curly hair reveals your true you!
    Like Mardel, I might accept the mirror look of me, but now, when I have seen my pictures, I feel down, as they look so odd to me too.
    If you are reading this, you most likely are starting your second work week next, Wishing you a good week!

  12. Thanks, Metscan. I am, indeed, beginning my second work week now. Isn't it too bad that we have such a hard time feeling pleased when we see ourselves in photographs? I'm working on it . . . the photo you recently shared on your blog was lovely, and I hope you come to see that for yourself.


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