Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home again, Home again, jiggety-jig . . .

Pater humoured me this morning and we were out of the hotel by 6:15, at King's Cross and on the Piccadilly Line by 6:30, and at Heathrow by 7:30 where there were no long lines and where we handily had access to a lovely lounge with complimentary breakfast, tea, coffee, magazines, newspapers, and, happily, some peace and quiet.
Our direct flight left around 11 and we were in Vanc'r by noon -- the oddity of travelling backwards across the time zones. Gorgeous weather here in Vancouver -- we'll stop by to see family tonight before heading back to the island tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing my garden, not so much to unpacking and doing laundry.

While I'm doing all that, here are a few random shots from London: a peaceful gated courtyard; residential greenery in NW London; one more architectural project in the making;
crowds enjoying their right to sit on the grass;

a young daredevil preparing to take a turn at this vibrant Southbank skate and stunt-bike park; old architecture crowded and dwarfed by new;
and some Camden Town graffiti

London is not consistently beautiful in the same way Paris is, but I love its energy and diversity. Luckily one does not need to choose between cities, and if I were forced to, I would insist on many more visits before making my decision. . .

Now off to unpack and to catch up on my blog-reading.


  1. Welcome Back!
    You've come home to some sunny warmer weather up until the past few days it's been cold abd grey.

  2. Welcome home! London or Paris, hmmm. Don't know that I could choose either.

  3. Well I guess I chose London, I find the 'mix' more fun and something Emin noticed about Paris was many parks have a greater ratio of gravel to grass. As you noticed you only have to place two squares of turf down in this country and people will sit on them and have a picnic even if it is next to a 6 lane highway!

  4. I'm impressed by the regularity of your posting during the entire trip. I felt as if I were walking a discreet distance behind you! Welcome home.

  5. Hostess: Well, after all, I did arrange to have the good weather come home with me ;-)
    LPC: Isn't it great that we don't have to?
    Alison: It's one of the more noticeable differences between the two cities and peoples, the gravel/grass-sitting/lying divide.
    Duchesse: You've all become such a constant with me, and Pater's more than patient about it -- he actually encourages it, and doesn't seem to mind sharing the time with my blogging buddies. I do wonder about doing a completely unplugged holiday, but for this last one, at least, I enjoyed my addiction.


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