Thursday, June 24, 2010

Terrace Delights (and a Recipe for you!)

The driveway/parking lot of Quinta da Geia where we had a delightful lunch on the terrace a few days ago -- and will return for one more meal before we leave on Sunday.

Orange seems to be a theme here -- a colour I seldom wear but couldn't resist in this gauzy long dress. I match my food -- isn't that always a goal! ;-)

The hotel Dalmatian, too regal to attend to the calls of several guests who tried to entice him to visit their tables -- he finally stretched out for a nap in the gorgeous sunshine.

See what I mean about orange? And there were oranges on trees, which I failed to snap, sadly.

I'm so glad I packed this dress (you might remember I hesitated over giving it space in that crowded carry-on) -- Pater has captured, accidentally, the way it moves pleasingly with the summer breezes.

A simple recipe I'm going to copy when we're home although the ingredients will be a bit more costly far from their home. We often do a plate of proscuitto and melon or figs for a starter, but I love this variation -- the cantelope half, hollowed out and filled with a very generous amount of port!


As was the view from our table . . .
Pater looks very happy, no?

And he's just come out to tell me that the cafe au lait and toast ís ready -- we eat it at the table out by the pool. Tough times . . .


  1. What a gorgeous post and what a lovely holiday you are having. That melon and prosciutto looks AMAZING. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us!xo

  2. Look at that cantalope! Port and proscuitto....yummers!

    I adore lavender and it seems to be scattered around the terrace. You must be breathing it's sweet scent as you lunch...and yes pater looks very do you.
    Orange suits you and the cool floaty dress looks like a keeper to me.

  3. I am Sitting in an overheated classroom and you are taunting me!
    I love parma ham with melon, and yes the dress is perfect for that climate. Would you believe here too at the moment?
    We are now going to see part two of the bridge project, As You Like It, it got better reviews that the Tempest so should be fun.
    The picture off that dog reminds me of my idiot mutt, who lays in the full sun burning, Daisy had to carry him in yesterday he was so lethargic!
    Have a Port for me.

  4. I can just FEEL the vacation heaven. Sun, floaty dresses, ripe melon, wine, ahhhhhh. Gorgeous. Also lavender...

  5. Oh you two look so totally happy and relaxed. This vacation is something you two really needed! And there are many, many days yet to follow!

  6. Floaty dresses, so much more comfortable and cool than pants! You look relaxed and happy, and why not eating wonderful treats amid natural beauty.

  7. Ahh, the floaty dress is perfect and I am glad you took it although I knew how perfect it would be when I read your packing posts -- there must be some advantage to reading backwards and then forwards again after all. Sun, fruit, walking, and great company all seem to make for a fabulous vacation.

  8. What a good idea, the port in the hollow of the melon. Yum! And a beautiful dress.


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