Monday, June 14, 2010

My bag is packed, I'm (almost) ready to go . . .

Here's my carry-on, almost packed for three weeks in London, central Portugal, and Paris. Still to cram in there is my netbook, makeup bag, and my knitting. I'm also thinking I'll probably squeeze an old pair of Nike runners in there for hiking in rural Portugal, runners I can discard with no qualms to make room for whatever on the way back. I may also discard my Birkenstocks in favour of more room coming home -- they've made five visits to Paris already and are ready for a rest after this trip.

I'll grab a few paperbacks later which I'll carry in my purse, and I'll wear some layers on the plane -- these black jersey leggings (Julie guermande, a french label, picked up at Ogilvy's, Montreal), a black top by Animale, my metallic grey Smythe jacket over an aqua linen/silk cardi by Club Monaco, and some surprisingly comfortable wedges by Camper. And I'll either carry, roll up in my purse, or wear this great raincoat by Animale that I bought in Paris five years ago.

The cardi also goes well with this animal/tribal print (Tahari) linen sheath which I may also wear with the grey jacket for a different look or on its sleeveless own or with a white cotton-lawn summer-breezy shirt I've brought along.

Also cool and breezy this little cotton sundress by Sandwich

And I have another dress -- black, jersey, sleeveless with some interesting stitchery architecture in the skirt portion, very comfy, Simon Chang -- that came along with me last spring and wants to go back. I'm also bringing my wildly-patterned Desigual shirt which gives the dress a completely different look.

Instead of jeans this year, I'm taking a chance on the black jersey leggings as well as some taupe-y bamboo-silky pants, both of which roll up into almost nothing in my case, and which are v. versatile. Here they are paired with a silk, Simon chang, light-as-a-feather brown-black-white animal-tribal print long-sleeved tunic and an Anne Klein sleeveless, geometric-tribal print silk top, the Campers, and my M0851 bag

Also pairing well with the taupe pants is this tissue-weight Club Monaco long cashmere sweater and a long-sleeved v-necked lightweight T, so I have a few things if we get beset by rain for a few days . . . While I don't have any mauve to match up in any of my garments, these Khrio shoes are so perfect for walking in cities that I couldn't resist them -- IRL, the mauve is muted and works well with both the taupes and the aquas.

Again, instead of the jeans I normally bring, I'm trying out a pair of "city shorts." These (by Sandwich) fall to just above my knee, will do for the light hiking we'll do in Portugal, but also dress up nicely for the city, especially when spiffed up with the leopard-print AK flats and the plaid grey-mustard/chartreuse scarf.
Besides what I've shown here, I've got two white tank tops and a white v-neck T, as well as a white, calf-length cotton skirt (Gap). One wild card: a floor-length body-skimming, sleeveless
dress in an orange Van Gogh-inspired print -- chiffon over lining, pure breezy poolside fun and good for some dinners out in Portugal, at least, if it doesn't play nicely in cities -- we'll see. I couldn't resist it, and it takes up hardly any room.
So to sum up:
three green-grey-khaki-ish t-shirts, two white tanks, one white T, one multi-colour long-sleeved T,
geometric-patterned, multi-colour sleeveless top,
long-sleeved silk, brown-black-white loose tunic,
black leggings,
taupe slim bamboo pants
grey-green shorts
long white skirt
2 shirts: one fine white cotton lawn; one boldly-patterned-and-coloured Desigual
3 knee-length dresses: black/white, black, aqua
1 long dress
aqua cardigan, taupe cardigan, grey blazer
silver Birkenstocks; leopard flats; mauve flats; brown leather Camper wedges
a few necklaces and cuffs/bracelets; silver ball studs; gold ball studs
a dark-green envelope-style clutch (Matt&Nat)
four scarves: the grey plaid one above; a lacy silk handknit--aquatones; v. light silk brown-white; v. light silk tie-dye blues
Looking at the list, I can see that I could get by with one less t-shirt, or even fewer, and I'm debating subbing in a different dress. But clearly, I have abundant choice here, and it all fits in one carry-on bag!
I do still have to pick up a swimsuit or two before we get poolside in Portugal -- that will either happen tomorrow or Tuesday morning before our flight, or we can hit the shops in London which might even make swimsuit shopping more palatable.
What do you think? Any last-minute suggestions? (Ones that won't throw me into a lather of indecision, if you please . . .) Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to book a car rental in Porto and a concert in London . . .


  1. You are clearly going to have to pick up a top or two with some lavender/mauve tones:). Purple was everywhere in Paris just recently. Perfect timing:). Have a WONDERFUL time!

  2. Looks like you've got it all covered...have a fabulous time!
    Will look forward to your travel pics and comments.

  3. That's an amazing amount you've fit into a carry on! You seem to have every potential base covered, and I love the ensembles you've put together. (I'm so jeans-dependent, but they're not the best option for travel, but I really haven't found an acceptable substitute yet.)

    Is that your red M0851 bag going along? Nice!

  4. Holy smokes, you are fitting that into a carry on? Love the idea of discarding shoes as you go, surely you will buy some there? Have a marvelous trip and know you are taking all of us along!

  5. So much clothing, but you are away 3 weeks, and the weather is a mystery. Good shoes are a must, and you have remembered that. Do enjoy your vacation!

  6. Have a wonderful time. i will think of you as I eat that great Portuguese dish "bacalao" tomorrow evening.

  7. I am, as ever, in awe of your ability to pack 3 weeks' worth of clothes into a carry-on. I have travelled once with a carry-on (for 5 days) and although I did enjoy the ease, I fretted the whole time about what I hadn't brought/what I couldn't bring back home! What does your case weigh? We usually travel the budget airlines here, so a carry-on can only be 10 kg, and no extra handbag.

    Everything looks so chic yet comfortable. Still hoping for good weather for you in London - I guess Portugal is a no-brainer? Enjoy the trip, keep us posted on your adventures! Patricia

  8. How delightful! Do say hello to Liberty for us armchair travellers . . .

  9. Wow, a great selection of outfits! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time and look fabulous throughout ... Be sure to show us lots of photos.

  10. NO WAY. C'est impossible. You CANNOT possibly fit ALL that into a carry-on!...Can you??? You should do a video of each outfit going into the carry-on, outfit by outfit until it is full. That video would go viral!
    Have a wonderful time.

  11. LPC: Well, if I have to . . . I'm not completely averse to a little Paris shopping!
    HHB: Thanks! And I will try to update with photos along the way.
    Pseu: I'm nervous leaving the jeans behind, but in the summer they can be too warm for wearing all day walking, and they take up so much packing space! And yes, that's my M0851 bag -- I do
    sometimes wish I'd got it in another colour, but it's so unbelievably functional, it gets to go along most of the time.
    Duchesse: I took out one Tee last night and have the long chiffon dress out at the moment, altho'I'm indecisive . . .
    Metscan: the problem is that we're doing both city and poolside/rural, plus I want to be ready for weeks of sunshine AND the possibility of a week of rain.

  12. Lesley: When we took the Sud Express from Paris to Lisbon two years ago, they served bacalao on the train, just after the Hendaye/Irun border -- a charming introduction, along with the generous serving of port!
    Patricia: I'm already fretting, believe me! If wishes were horses -- well, I'd have a really heavy suitcase!! And we are taking EasyJet to Porto, but have purchased extra luggage room, so hoping that works out alright.
    Miss C: Yes, I've told mr. newly retired that Liberty is a must-see this trip. . .
    Tiffany: Thanks for the encouragement. This morning, before the flight, I'm full of doubts and indecision, but luckily, over in our Vanc'r apt., there are few options to change it up. . .
    Liz HK: I know! Listing the items, I feel a bit like that skit with the clowns coming out of the VW Bug -- or Mary Poppins pulling all sorts of wonderful items out of her carpetbag. . .

  13. It has been quite a while since I've done this kind of travel but I used to go a couple of weeks out of a carry on and you've done a marvelous job of packing and thinking. Much as I am dependent on jeans I think you've got a good wardrobe and they are heavy and impractical for traveling light.

    Love the idea of abandoning shoes along the way. The idea reminds me of a charming octogenarian I met once on a trip to Brazil. She always traveled with carry-on luggage only, and she took clothes and shoes she was ready or willing to part with if she found something new along the way, leaving bits of her wardrobe behind here and there and coming home with new things.


  14. Mardel, I swear, someday you and I will have to meet, and we'll have a long, long visit with wine and a great meal -- I'm convinced we're very compatible!! and comments like this really confirm that conviction!


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