Sunday, May 2, 2010

This 'n that, and again with the Blazer, Sorry . . .

Thank you so much for all the positive comments on my Half Marathon! I'm still buzzing with endorphins today and not hobbling too much, although my muscles are definitely feeling the result of pushing to achieve the time I wanted.

I had intended to go back to the island today, but little Nola is too sick to go to her caregiver's, and her Mom and Dad both have work commitments today that are tough to get out of, so I'm happy to fill in. Poor wee thing has been alternating between stalwart and sobbing, but she's having an early nap now, having brought out her bunny and asked for bed. So I have a few minutes to catch up with you.

First, a few quick movie recommendations:
Friday night we saw Date Night -- while we can see why most critics gave it only 2 stars (a bit thin in spots, rather like a pastiche of SNL skits), it's nonetheless fun -- Tina Fey? Steve Carrell? what's not to like?
Saturday night -- rented Pirate Radio -- this adds a great soundtrack to the laugh factor for even more fun. We watched it with youngest daughter, and her enjoyment proved it's not just aimed at the generation who lived the experience. Fabulous cameo by Emma Thompson -- that woman can play anything, really!
and last night, rented It's Complicated -- which wasn't, really, but it was satisfying for what it was. Again, the actors were all very watchable -- Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin (perfect, so great for that role!) -- and there was some great food porn as well, if you like that sort of thing. . .

Here's a second styling of my new Smythe jacket, again making me wonder why I hesitated about letting its Lurex threads see the light of day. Perfect lady-like, isn't it, paired with some Gap linen/cotton wide-leg pants with a surprisingly compatible weave . . .

I wasn't sure if I could get away with putting them together, but it seemed to work. . .

And I think this new scarf, which I love for its paisley, tones nicely into the grey I picked up a few new Lucite bangles/cuffs that work well -- the one below brings in gold, riffing off the gold Lurex subtly, which I like.

And I like this set, light enough to wear all summer, and easy to match with almost anything.
I also tried this with another scarf, and was pleased to see how easily I could get a different, bolder look -- and obviously I could change up even more by varying the shoes. Endless possibilities . . . fun!


  1. I simply like your mixes. Why? Grey is such a great color, the jacket a great basic here, no way can you go wrong : )

  2. I love the way you are putting this together, although I will admit that I am strongly biased toward gray. I love grays even as I love color. And gray and pink is a particular favorite.

    Hope Nola is feeling better.

  3. I'm guessing all of us have something we buy and then lose our sense of why. Thanks for showing that with some thinking, there is a way to revive that ardour!

  4. Scarves, bangles, sparkles, bring it on! I love how you can take a lovely neutral and perk it up. I must find myself some lucite bangles like that ... I collect vintage lucite handbags, but they're a little less versatile!

  5. I think the introduction of a very different silhouette can have a great impact on older clothes in the wadrobe. The jacket is great at doing that. I remember huge amount of fun I had with an old 'hacking jacket' I had when I was a teenager which I particulaly loved wearing with old tea dresses. I think yours would look lovely with a softer dress too.
    You are right to point out on my post that outfits look very different from how we envisage them from the hanger to actually wearing them, nevertheless your 'polyvore on the floor' is great fun.
    A HUGE well done for completing that half marathon, as someone who can barely run for a bus I am most impressed, you must have knees of steel!

  6. Metscan: Yes, I chose the jacket because I was looking for a great basic, which I thought grey would be -- then I was dismayed thinking the Lurex took it out of that basic class. Now I'm seeing that it doesn't have to, thanks to all these encouraging comments. thank you.
    Thanks, Mardel -- I feel the same way about grey. I especially like it with pink and sometimes with turquoise and some purples. . . .
    Duchesse: It doesn't happen too often, but when it does it's very disheartening -- what was I thinking? etc. But you're right that there is often a way to get back to whatever was right at the time of purchase. I'm glad I found the way with this piece.
    Tiffany: Please, please, please! you must do a post (several, perhaps?) on your Lucite handbag collection -- I'll LOVE to see these!
    IndieAl: I've been playing a bit with which dresses I could wear it with -- love the idea of the hacking jacket over a tea dress. Oh to be that young again, eh?
    I'm not sure I have knees of steel (ha!), but I have certainly been lucky so far (knock on wood) in how they and my hips are holding up.

  7. I meant to say also, I hope the little one gets better soon!

  8. I love what you've done with your clothes! What great combos. The lucite bangles look so current. Sometimes that's all you need to bring you up to date. Not like you're at any risk of being passe by any means! Oh boy do I remember many, many ear issues when I see Nola at the doctor's office. They feel so bunk and you can't really do anything but give them love and Tylenol.

  9. Thanks, Karen -- you're right about the bangles -- they're a small purchase but they really update a number of outfits I've worn lately.


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