Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nana ain't no drag -- she's gotta brand new bag!

Lucky me! Swishy dinner reservations were cancelled in favour of a very un-swishy but utterly perfect dinner en famille! Only two of our four were in town, but complemented by the two guy partners, lovely men both of them, and of course by Nola. Pater picked up groceries to make a simple pasta, my daughter picked up Cupcakes, so when I arrived home from drinks (I do love a Negroni!) with my sister at the Hotel Vancouver (thanks, Rachel!), the birthday evening I'd hoped for was already underway.

Sadly, I had to leave this beautiful flower arrangement behind as it would have been hard to manage on the boat and, especially, the bike! But it was so prettily put together by Megan that I thought I could at least enjoy the photos.

My other gifts were all promises, and what promises they were -- I have an upcoming appointment for lunch and a pedicure with Bronwen and Pater is going to take me jewelry shopping (he knows I want a pair of gold hoops but thinks I might like a say in choosing them and he's right!). By the end of the evening, I knew quite well, though, that I would have been happy without any other gift but the meal together -- everyone there had already put in a busy day at work but made time for my birthday celebration.

Predictably, the highlight of the evening for all of us was watching Nola. Do you know that some toddlers love olives? Nola can't get enough of their wrinkly black salty goodness and she can now ask for them by name -- Owwev.
And you probably know that a smart Nana can improvise toys out of newly-purchased bags, right? This one closes by virtue of magnetic inserts in the opposing sides, so there was some puzzle fun, and the little booklet that came with provided not only reading pleasure but also an object to be inserted in a variety of ways into the inner pockets. . . The bag was the only shopping goal I had for Seattle -- meant to provide the pop of colour I thought I'd like with my Smythe blazer. The flash washes out some of the colour, but you get the idea.Nola's not so concerned about its compatibility with my jacket, but she does think it's important to check out access
Her mother was nicknamed "Quality Control" by her GFs back in late high school/early twenties for her pickiness about a garment's suitability, and Nola seems to have absorbed some of that tendency -- but there's a teeny smile above that seems to be approving of my choice, don't you think?
And then she got up to some silliness, insisting her aunt drink from Nola's new sippy-cup . . .Does she know how funny that is?
Oh, I'd say so . . .

Now, back at my island home, having spent all day yesterday at a department "Retreat," I'm trying to make some serious headway on the paper I'm scheduled to present next week. I'd love to say that you probably won't hear from me for a few days while I keep my nose to that grindstone, but it may be that you'll be seeing more of me than ever while I procrastinate. For example, I'm planning to post my new sandals just as soon as I have the new pedicure to show them off . . . But for now, I'm really going to get to work. Don't you find the warmer weather makes that harder and harder to do?!


  1. Your birthday celebration sounds just about perfect. That last picture of Nola is the cutest one yet! It's so fun when they start to develop a sense of humor and make "jokes" on their own.

    The bag is really pretty too! Is it a Coach? I really like that blue color; it will look smashing with the Smythe jacket, but I can see it working beautifully with so much of the bits of your wardrobe you've shown us.

  2. make that, "many" of the bits; I changed my wording mid-sentence and didn't go back to fix my modifier.

  3. I love owwev's too...she 's a doll mater, but you already know that! sound very much like me in the family when we are celebrating together as a family...we empty nesters get couple time often!
    Gold hoops...and pedicure fun and the new bag is the colour of the season!
    Good luck on the report...I have a tendency to procrastinate as well...trying hard to get beyond it though.

  4. So happy to hear that you had the family dinner you wanted - what a lovely way to spend your birthday. And that bag is DELICIOUS. Nola looks an absolute delight, with a great sense of humour. Looking forward to seeing the gold hoops ... and more outfits. And remember, a little bit of enjoyable procrastination never killed anyone!

  5. Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute.

  6. Happy Birthady
    I too much prefer an event birthday treat, the theatre, a meal out, the Chelsea flower show are all favourites, although like you I fancy a pedicure now the sun has come out.
    I am a big fan of pink flowers mixed with scarlet, so much more fun than the tradition cream ann pink combo we so often see.
    Leyla too adores olives which often raises an eyebrow in restaurants and Nola is a natural in front of the camera.

  7. How much delight can you cram into one post? The colour of your bag is wonderful, and Nola, growing into her merry little self. Thank you! and keep us posted on all the treats to come.

  8. Thanks, Pseu, I like the bag's colour as well and can see it working all over the place. Not sure I should have compromised on the size/shape (I don't often do the short strap unless there's an optional long as well), but was thinking of it as just a fun and occasional extra and didn't want to spend much. It was on sale at Macy's, is well made in leather
    Hostess: Since we empty-nesters have two nests, we don't get quite as much couple time as we'd like, but we still like to share it with family when we get the chance. Oh, and notice my procrastination . . . .
    Tiffany: She really does have a sense of humour -- so much fun!
    LPC: Thanks!
    Alison: This bouquet had pink and orange and burgundy -- scrumptious!

  9. Happy Birthday, Mater! Sounds like a good week's worth of celebrations. Nola's a doll. Can she already be talking? Is she almost 2? Wow, time flies. Sam and Eric are 3 1/2, and Sam says, "Olive you." But he's talking affection, not food! Just as he's given up saying "yook at dat!" the phrase seems to have worked its way into my permanent vocabulary. Oh dear. Do you have any leftover expressions from your kids? One of Irene's that we've kept is "yesternight." So sensible, and useful!

  10. Duchesse: The bag's not quite your robin's egg blue, but getting close . . .
    Dana: she's 18 months, with words getting added daily. Yours are 3 1/2? Wow! Time does speed by. I have a friend/colleague expecting twins and I know that for the first few months, he won't believe those years will go so quickly, but they really do, don't they?!
    "yesternight,"-- delightful.
    The only expression that instantly comes to mind from my kids is my second, chanting, at 22 months, "No eat ma-do" as she chowed down on a piece of playdough! (the homemade variety -- mmmm, that salty goodness, yuck!)

  11. My dad's nanny, out for a walk, holding his hand was asked, "How old is he?" "Be three in the pern", replied the small boy, speaking for himself. Meaning, spring,


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