Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dialling it Down . . .

Here's my first response to Karen's challenge -- making this standout piece fit into my everyday wear. This worked very well last Friday -- I bicycle-clipped the jeans leg to pedal down to the ferry, and had to be a bit careful with the stiletto heel on the docks, but otherwise, this was comfortable for a long, varied day: attending a colleague's lecture in the a.m., then lunch with colleagues, then a lecture/seminar with a visiting speaker, then my hair appointment (pure pampering luxury!), then met Pater for dinner at a pub. Came out of the pub to find the car wouldn't start, but my outfit wasn't too fussy or frail -- it stood up to the ride in the tow-truck just fine, thank you very much! (Car's all better now, only having needed a new battery, easily supplied by my wizard mechanic.)

Yesterday's post, I questioned whether I should be calling myself Twisted Classic at all, but perhaps you can see that I do like to balance the drama with some restraint. I'm stretching the definition of Classic, I guess, but for me the simple black leather boots, the black v-neck pullover, the dark denim jeans, and the black patent purse are balancing elements, grounding the wild fun of the Desigual shirt.
Shirt: Desigual, new
Black v-neck pullover: Gap, several years old
Dark denim jeans, Citizens of Humanity, Ingrid style, several years old, wore out my first pair!
Black patent leather purse, Arcadia: made in Italy, bought at Winners! Almost two years old
Stay tuned: I have two more entries in this challenge. . . What do you think so far?


  1. Fantastic! I love the little swaths of purple on your boots to tie in with the blouse. This looks comfortable and fun!

  2. Karen, Deja and you are starting to make me look for ways to twist things up a little. I am finding these posts to be inspiring. You have such a great eye for colour.
    Loving both you and Deja's Polyvore on the floor!

  3. Nice punch of color peeking out of the sweater...good use of classic could go to the theatre or a concert in this too.

  4. That's a great outfit - nicely balanced between the 'wild' (in the best possible way) shirt and the black & denim classics.

  5. Pseu: Sadly, that purple is the lining of the boots, so it doesn't show on the outside (I love having beautiful lining, though, a secret pleasure).
    LBR: You've got some twists yourself, girl!
    Hostess: Thanks! I'm surprised at the versatility, actually.
    Tiffany: Thank you so much for using the words "wild" and "classic" together in discussing my style ;-)

  6. Great job Mater! This is fabulous. A couple of notes: When we cover up the fabulous top, remember that the overall impression is more "Classic With A Twist." Your twist is really just "peeking" through. The more than shirt can show, the more twisted the look, if you so desire. So, you could wear an open jacket instead, revealing more of the color and print of that awesome (jalouse!) shirt. Or, you can keep the pullover and bring in your pink Flues (YES!) or a bright bag. As it gets hotter out, you can use the shirt as a jacket itself, or belted over a black tank with skinny jeans and the flues or a funky sandal like you show above...

    I see you have so many of the good classics, now try and build in more of your "out there" things! You're going to be so happy when you nail this and you are sooooo there. K

  7. Interesting and helpful comment, Karen -- I did end up switching later on to my "tomato"bag (a very pink-y red), but am now thinking of a pair of bright blue boot-shoes. I've got a couple more looks potographed that I'll post soon and will look forward to your feedback on those as well.

  8. I really find the way you put this together inspiring, as I initially thought the shirt was fabulous but wasn't sure how to actually wear it. I can see bringing in more color too, while still keeping the base. Well done.

    And I like the polyvore on the floor too.

  9. mardel, thanks. I felt the same way about the shirt at first, but Karen's challenge was great in pushing me to work it into my everyday. I have a few more "polyvore on the floor" with the same shirt, and now that I've started, I keep seeing more possibilities -- fun!


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