Monday, March 29, 2010

More Spring Transition Dressing

I liked that dress-over-skinny-jeans combo the other day enough to want to try it again. Another exuberant, somewhat short dress that I wanted to tone down to suit the start of spring, this time wearing it over slim black jeans and with shoes instead of boots. I'm quite pleased with this, finding it quite different from wearing the dress with leggings (as I have in the past) or on its own over black tights.
I apologize for the poor visibility in these shots --I'm pleased with this new spot for the self-timing snaps, but the light coming through the doorway shut down the automatic flash. Below I tried wearing a jean jacket (Gap) over the dress/tunic.

And below, with an unduly goofy facial expression, I'm wearing the jacket I decided on, a black leather Mackage.

As for the silk scarf, I really wanted some colour against the black-and-white, and given how bold the graphic on the dress is, I figured a bold colour was called for.

Dress: Banana Republic (2008); Black Jeans, NYDJ; Shoes: Tsubo, Black Patent Leather bag: Arcadia, Winners; denim jacket: Gap; black leather jacket: Mackage; Scarf: Bon Marché Paris


  1. I like the youthful twist here...looks great and you are still way cute!

  2. Love this look! The dress-over-pants is a great style for!

  3. Great look. I love that dress/tunic!

  4. This outfit is my default setting! As someone who lives with a Muslim I am unable to wear short dresses or skirts and so have worn them over anything from cropped wide legged linen to narrow jeans.
    The best place for really good narrow trousers is Zara, which you can shop in when you come to Europe. They are really good value and well made, you do have to chop them down a bit as they are cut for giants wearing heels!
    My other favourite trick is to buy very thin cotton PJ bottoms! they look like dhoti pants and are lighter for the summer.
    Your European itinery sounds good!

  5. Thanks all. IndieAl, I thought of the salwar kameez when I was putting this together, and of Muslim women and those women who defer to some Muslim customs. We have Zara here as well, altho'they may not have the same selection -- never thought of looking there, but I know their price point is good. I had thought of Pj bottoms -- in silk would be even better!
    Hope to see you when we're in London again . . .

  6. I so admire women I see here in salwar suits. They provide built-in coordination and flow. I can't resist popping into ethnic clothing stores and there are also good ones on the web, including places that do custom orders. A French GF lives in them all summer.

  7. You rock the short dress over jeans look. Very nice.

  8. You look FRENCH! What a cool grandma Nola's got!

  9. Thanks Mardel and Karen. Looking French? The ultimate goal, non?


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