Monday, March 22, 2010

in the pink of spring . . .

I was pleased enough with this spring concoction I wore the other day that I thought I'd snap it, Polyvore-style, for you. Does anything say "spring sunshine" as well as pink, especially pink shoes?! I had a different necklace planned, but just in time read Duchesse's great post on pearls for spring and realized that pink and pearls could give me double happiness!The black v-neck is a Sonia Rykiel-for-H&M piece -- I was charmed by much of this collection but admitted sadly that many pieces were either not my particular bright or were a bit too girlish. This one features a huge fabric flower which you can almost make out if you peer closely -- black doesn't photograph well for me, sorry! Both the pink Fluevogs (with their delightfully exaggerated toe shape, their white stitching and their charming kitten heels) and the More & More stretch poly-gabardine skirt are five or six years old. Love them both, although I wear the shoes judiciously. I really should wear the skirt more -- it's almost as slim as a pencil skirt, yet the box pleats allow all kinds of movement, great for biking and boats, part of my daily life.

The black Italian patent leather bag is one I picked up very reasonably at Winners year before last -- something else I should use more often.
Does anyone else get comments, when they wear pointed toes, about "winkle-pickers" or "shit-kickers"? Someone on my ferry the morning I wore these pretended to be afraid of "pissing me off" because of the risk I'd hurt him with the shoes' points. I, in turn, pretended to be astonished that he couldn't instantly see from my pink shoes how spring-sunshine-happy I was, how unlikely I was ever to be "pissed off" in these shoes. Inwardly, I admit, seething just a little -- do people actually think we find these assessments of our footwear witty? welcome?
So here's the rundown:
Pink Shirt, GAP (4 years old)
Pearls Pater brought me back from China years and years ago
Black 3/4-sleeve v-neck by Sonia Rykiel for H&M
Black skirt, More & More, bought 5 or 6 years ago at Simons in Montreal
pink Fluevog shoes, 6 or so years old.
black patent leather bag, Arcadia, bought Fall '08 at Winners
So only the v-neck was new, all the rest was wardrobe-shopped, which makes me happy.
Also making me happy? Some flights and hotels were booked over the weekend. I'll tell you more later -- stay tuned . . .


  1. I had a pair of shoes a few years ago that were super pointy and a friend called them winkle pickers...she's from Kent and said the expression was very commonly used in England...alas I didn't even know what a winkle was!
    Love the pink too...nice top with the flower!
    Can't wait to hear where you are going!!

  2. Yes, people think they're being clever, but unfortunately, they're not. I've never had anyone tell me I was angry due to pointy shoes though.

  3. I love this ensemble! Très chic!

    I've heard "shit kickers" used more in reference to cowboy boots. (The reference is a bit more literal there.) I love a pointy-toed shoe! The color is so playful! I know those are from a previous collection, but still, I'd best stay away from the Fluevog store while my shopping brakes are on.

  4. Yeah, and what's up with people who seem to feel the need to make snarky-masquerading-as-clever comments about what someone else is wearing?

  5. I love pink and black together. And I, when wearing pointy toes, have been told they were witch shoes.

  6. Yummy outfit! I've had good luck in the past with Winners and bags, great find. And some travel ahead - super!

  7. Pink and pearls - how deliciously spring-ish!

  8. What a wonderful skirt, I'm always hoping to find skirts like that! This is also instructive in that everything looks current! And pearls, I am purring.

  9. Beautiful outfit! Very elegant.

    I have heard the comment 'cockroach killers' for pointy response...'Be careful I don't get you then!'...that usually them up quickly enough!

  10. HHB: I've enjoyed "winkles" many years (uh, decades!) ago on the beach in Yorkshire with my cousins - We "picked" them out of their shell, sprinkled them with vinegar, then yummm!
    Nancy: It was meant in good fun, but it gets a bit tiresome, really!
    Pseu: Yes, these are from a much earlier collection and I still love them -- CPW! But you're wise to stay out of Fluevog -- my restraint abandons me in that store!
    LPC: Ah yes, the witch, such a flattering comment -- I've had that one as well. As Pseu says, above, snarky-masquerading-as-clever.
    Patricia: And you never know what you'll find there, which is part of the Winners fun, right?
    Tiff: Thanks!
    Duchesse: Well, the pearls were your inspiration, of course! And yes, what pleased me about the outfit was having had so many of the pieces for a few years, yet having them look, imo, so fresh.
    Writing Instinct: Welcome! I love having new commenters -- especially ones able to come up with a snappy retort in defense of shoes!

  11. WInkle-pickers no, but I've had people refer to my pointy shoes as shit-kickers or witch shoes, and make comments, not flattering necessarily, about my Texas background when I wear cowboy boots. I've also had people joke about watching out that I don't hit them in the head when I am wearing a large cuff. I know they are joking, and think they are being cute, but sometimes I seethe a bit too.

    I don't understand why people feel they have a right to make judgements on what other people are wearing.

    Love the pink shoes. They look very happy to me, and the pink and black and pearls is just a fabulous combination. I love that the outfit is a mating of old and beloved pieces. How nice.

  12. Mardel: I know! Those kind of comments always feel a bit as if someone's trying to put me in my place. Not sure what it's all about, but I'm not convinced it's humour!

  13. Friggin FABULOUS outfit. You are a stylist!

  14. Thanks, Karen! I'm blushing! You're too kind!

  15. You're hipper than me; I can't let that happen! I am getting those black converses. You look sooooo cute and cool in them. Perfect for your line of work too, I think.

    I have had people make comments about my pointy shoes. Now I just tell them they match my pointy nose so it works.


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