Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 2, Spring Wardrobe Capsule Challenge

You can tell from this photo that I barely got back into position in the self-timer's ten seconds -- my hands are floating a bit awkwardly away from my body.

But what a supportive group of commenters I'm lucky to have. I've been thinking about how difficult it is to see oneself frozen in a photo, to look at oneself from outside, and I know that those thousands and thousands of images gleaned from years of poring over fashion magazine ads and watching movies exert a powerful influence. As much as I try not to, I inevitably compare myself to a female figure at least four inches taller than myself and at least twenty-five pounds lighter. I think that's one of the features I most appreciate about the world of amateur fashion-and-style bloggers -- a wealth of diverse images, a reassurance that we're far from alone in deviating from that ideal shape and size.

So there's my shape and size above, with the smile as recommended by Duchesse. As you can see, I've tried to distract my colleagues from noticing that I'm wearing the same shirt as yesterday by layering it under my grey Gap dress AND by wearing red tights (and since hosiery wasn't included in the garments or accessories count, I gained variety at no cost). Now, I know that Tish has spoken against the wearing of the colours on legs of a certain age, but I suspect she'd also agree that I'm old enough to do so if I want to, and I do, so I did. Given that I felt a bit self-conscious about the whole two-days-in-a-row-shirt-wearing thing, I was surprised and pleased to receive three positive comments about this combo today. Again, it's probably important to note that I work in an environment where I can get away with red tights, not an option in the corporate world but acceptable enough in my corner of academe.

Top, FCUK; Dress, GAP; Shoes, Joe Sanchez
Lipstick today is Marcelle (A Canadian drugstore brand, out of Montreal) Pret-a-Porter
Yesterday's, since several of you asked, is the same brand, but Rusty Brown.


  1. Love the red tights! I'm glad I missed the memo about not wearing coloured tights over a certain age, as I just (avidly anticipating cooler weather) bought myself a lovely purply pair to wear with my grey and black cashmere dress ...

  2. I hope that you can hear my applause...and you do look great...and I 'd say taller and slimmer than you think...if only I had the same courage.

  3. I love this dress! Looks great! Patricia

  4. We will never be too old to wear bright tights, although I would baulk at a tartan pair or ones with great splodges of flowers perhaps....
    Hats off to you for going for the same top twice, I generally do that at the weekend! but I have a soft spot for grey and red.

  5. I think the tights 'make' the outfit, and look so good I'm going to have to buy some myself to wear this winter!

  6. I love how you put this together and the tights look fantastic.

  7. And the smile is the greatest ever.

  8. Tiffany: I love the sound of that combination! I know you're too shy to post pics of you wearing it, but perhaps you'll show us a shot of the new dress, with the purple tights alongside?
    HHB and Patricia: Thanks for the encouragement!
    Alison: I did pick up a pair of tartan tights this year and have worn them several times -- BUT, they're a very muted plaid, more a suggestion-of-plaid really, and in black stripes on a chocolate ground, so subdued. Even so, I subdue my whole outfit when I wear them for fear of being misunderstood ;-) Generally wear them with a black pencil skirt and a choc. merino long-sleeved v-neck and plain black flats. Haven't worn the aqua ones printed with butterflies for years and years and years, altho' they're still pining in a drawer somewhere. . .
    Cybill: You're back! Hello! I'm going to click on your name and see if you've got a blog I can visit again. Lovely to see you here.
    Girlxoxo: Thanks! and Welcome! always lovely to have new commenters.
    LPC: Thank you as well -- I have to remember that the smile doesn't count as a garment (or cost anything either) and it really does contribute to a "look." ;-)

  9. Just great! This is really fun and you look well into it. Isn't it funny how we think "I can't wear the same thing" and other people compliment us!

  10. Oh, I missed the post about the tights as well, and a good thing that as I have been wearing purple and maroon and rust tights for the last two weeks and loving them. I think one can wear what one wants as long as one isn't trying to be something one isn't, or at least I hope so.


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