Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 1, Spring Wardrobe Capsule Challenge

Okay, this feels just as awkward as I thought it would feel, but here goes. I'm not keen on the proportions here -- I think I'd prefer the top tucked into a higher-waist pant/skirt, perhaps with a belt. And I'd definitely prefer the height I'd get from heels. That said, today was a walking day (35-40 minutes quick walk, up and down many hills), so the boots were a no-brainer.

My stance is obviously taking-my-own-photo-with-a-self-timer awkward, and I was almost late for my ferry, but Day 1's in the bag!

Top, FCUK; Cardigan, Banana Republic (spring before last, I think, and I agree that it's getting harder to find anything there these days); Denim hand-knit skirt (by me!)

Last night, I decided to sub the pendant in for the earrings (which don't show up much through my hair anyway).

Mostly, what I'm getting out of this challenge, rather than any efficiencies or new creativity re my wardrobe, is an exercise in seeing myself from the outside, via the camera lens (and its proverbial added ten pounds). I can't say I like the experience at all. . .


  1. I think the proportions on this ensemble are actually pretty balanced. IMO if you tucked in that top it would look very cut off. The skirt is really cute on you!

    The angle of the camera seems a bit high (aiming down at you). Perhaps playing with the height/angle of the camera might help you to feel more balanced? (but don't listen to me; I have yet to buy a tripod and learn to use my camera's timer feature!)

  2. But you are so adorable. And I love the color of your lipstick too.

  3. I am getting a really good vibe with the skirt and boot combo... Your hair length is where I want mine to be...curly and soft..ooh and great lippy to share the color? I am nosy by nature!
    I have not yet figured out the auto timer on my not even own a tripod...this is fun.

  4. Is this what you wear to go outside, I mean, no coat? Nice! I love the glasses too - are they new? I must admit you do look a little awkward - why don't you pretend we are on the other side of the camera, making silly faces at you?! :0) Patricia

  5. Well I think this looks great and I think flat boots are better than heels with a skirt that length.
    It is amazing how long it takes to photograph yourself isn't it? Time is why I can't, then there is what background to use etc, etc
    Finally my motto is if the tits stick out further than the belly it's all good!

  6. I find these looks jaunty and graceful; the softness of the skirt, makes the basics interesting. Smile, you look wonderful!

  7. That BR cardigan looks cool. I bet you have lots of use for it. Great for taking the challenge.

  8. Pseu: You're so perceptive! I didn't want to say this because it sounds too much like making excuses, but it's true that the camera angle isn't the best -- that said, it's probably the best I'll be able to achieve under the circumstances!
    LPC: Ah, you're too kind!
    HHB: I think it's Marcelle (Canadian drugstore brand out of Montreal) Rusty Brown.
    Patricia: Not quite. It was warm enough yesterday that I tucked my hat and gloves into my backpack soon into my walk, but I kept my coat on -- luckily, outerwear is excluded from the capsule wardrobe count!
    IndieAl: If I'd been drinking my tea when I read that, it would have laughed its way through my nose! That tits/belly rule is a handy one indeed and for the duration of the shutter's opening, a sucking-in and a thrusting-out are manageable!
    Duchesse: You're sweet -- thank you!
    Metscan: I'm wondering why I've let it languish in my closet all winter -- I'm going to make up for that in the next few weeks!

  9. If that is how you look on your way out the door in anticipation of the timer to click off, you are a very cool character.

    I love the flounce of the skirt paired with the structure of the boots. Nice balance of elements.

  10. I don't think the balance is wrong at all. As for preferring the height from heels, sometimes one does have to defer to practicalities! I'll add my vote for the lippy, as well.

  11. Love the balance of this outfit. I think you look very nice and I love the sporty/flirty juxtaposition. The camera is high, which is awkward, but mine is too for the self timer right now. I can't get a spot that is just right....


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