Thursday, February 4, 2010

Variations on a Sartorial Theme . . .

As I mentioned yesterday, I often wear a scarf to make the generously-scooped U-neck of this dress more work-worthy. Here's a combo I like with the new shoes

Close-up of the brilliant midriff-to-hip detail that makes this sweater dress more forgiving at my middle --
And for more variety, I often wear this dress with these Fiorentini & Baker boots (and opaque black tights) -- very comfortable for city walking, I like the bit of "attitude" they give. Next, perhaps, I should follow Privilege's advice and consider wearing my pearls with this sometime instead of the scarf.
I love how much difference a change of scarf can impart -- here the muted greys and browns of a silk scarf I knit last year lend a subtlety that the zebra scarf, uh, doesn't!


  1. I'm loving that last ensemble especially. The new shoes and the red bag really complement each other.

  2. I love this concept of Polyvore on the floor. And those shoes are so something I would have worn had I taken the academic route favored by the rest of my family:).

  3. Pseu: I've been loving red, brown, and black together recently -- a combo I wouldn't have thought workable a few years ago, but am quite enamoured of now.
    LPC: It's true that my sartorial choices reflect the freedom of an academic's life. Pseu and I have commented on this before.
    Mind you, my Dean today commented that the LBD I was wearing made me look as if I were heading to a cocktail party -- he was vindicated when I told him I was meeting Pater for dinner, but really, sometimes I wear an LBD just to teach, if I feel like it!

  4. Shoes are so fabulous, thank you for showing flat shoes with verve!

  5. OH I'm loving that fabulous dress and the outfits you have assembled for it. The flat shoes are especially stylish: and practical too. Sometimes I look at the verve with which you assemble itself and think "ah that was the downside of the corporate career path". At least I don't have those constraints anymore, but then there is no job to dress for either.

  6. Duchesse: It's so great to have flat shoes that don't feel like a compromise, style-wise! I'm not giving up heels, but I like to have a few days between them, and with shoes like these, that's not a penance.
    Mardel: Realizing my good fortune in the wardrobe freedoms of an academic life almost makes up for the lack of fabulous designer pieces in my closet. And when I get twinges of envy, seeing such pieces on others, I quickly realize how out of place they'd be in my environment. Thanks for reminding me how green the grass is on my side of the fence!


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