Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh, to be in London. . .

If knitting's your cup of tea . . . check out these workshops in London -- don't they look like fun? I've recently discovered this Wee Birdy blog and love it, love it, love it. We're hoping to make it back to London sometime this year, but meanwhile I've been traveling there vicariously. . .


  1. You're right the blog is very interesting, not enough hours in my day to take you up on the knitting, but my eyes were alerted to what maybe a second sighting of you!
    There was an excellent article about your Winter Olympics in the Guardian today. It made very clear what you alluded to recently regarding the politics and I now see your point. I had no idea what a small place Vancouver was, seriously that is tiny on an English scale.
    I am also hoplessly romantic and not in a gazillion years did it occur to me that your beautiful shores were blighted by drugs and homelessness too. The article was a real eye opener.

  2. Hi there! I've been a lurker and non-commenter for way too long. Found you through Karen of A Certain Age and just love your perspectives on fashion, life, reading, gardening and, of course, knitting. I also notice my friend Terry Stone of sknitter is on your link list. So cool. Just wanted to say Hi and thank you for great content and insights!

  3. Alison: Yes, it's still a small city by world standards, but we do have some world-size problems in the Downtown Eastside. They're easy problems to miss/avoid, but they're very noticeable when moving through those blocks. Some headway is being made with new housing and various social programs, but deployment of funds on the Olympics takes away from that, in many Vancouver minds.
    And yes, I hope we'll be in London again before a year's up -- another photo op for the bloggers!

  4. Trish: Great to have you commenting here -- I've lurked at your site as well, and I think I've commented in the past -- some great knitting projects! The link I have here is for Sknitty -- and it's Jillian -- rather than Sknitter, but now I'm going to go track down your friend Terry's blog. Thanks for the tip!


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