Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Stuff from a Busy Weekend (Shoes Included)

Fewer and farther between, these posts, with fewer and fewer photos. I hope that will change soon, but given that this is Week 4 of the term, I suspect it will get worse before it gets better.

Still . . . some of life's goodness deserves to be recorded, savoured once more, momentarily, in the telling.

But briefly.

A good weekend, such as the one I just spent, might include:

-- a long run (about 15 km) in just-perfect weather (8 or 9 degrees Celsius, rain holding off) along the seawall with soaring mountain peaks as backdrop. . .

-- followed by a massage by my Registered-Massage-Therapist-in-training-daughter, including a brief tour of her school and a clear indication (via her very professional assessment) of how much she's learned. Much of the enjoyment, of course, was in the improved state of my muscles, but much was also taken from seeing Megan so competent, so professional, and so content. . .

-- a "date" with my long-time (35 years+) lover (aka my husband, Paterfamilias) -- dinner (a quick bite of sushi near our place), a movie (A Single Man, to be included on your must-see list this year, no question -- beautiful, sad, important, with wonderfully observant renditions of the early 60s in its decor, architecture, and, especially, fashion. Colin Firth was in his perfect role, Julianne Moore brilliantly allows her perfect beauty to be too-lush, slightly gone-to-seed, we're introduced to some very good, lesser-known actors who we're sure to see much more of. That this is Tom Ford's first feature film amazes and makes one hope he continues to pursue this passion for directing).

-- and at the end of that already-satisfactory date, Pater suggested we stroll down to O'Douls to listen to some jazz over a drink. The Jennifer Scott Trio was performing, the hostess convinced some peeps to shift a bit so that we had adjoining bar stools, and I happily sipped my Negroni and tapped my foot and tried not to hum along too loudly . . .

-- And, of course, a weekend in Vancouver could not be complete without some Nola time. We babysat on Saturday evening which gave us a chance to laugh and crawl and sing and dance, to watch a little girl eat copious amounts of kale and potato (well, she spit out copious amount of potato -- doesn't like the mouth-feel, I think) and chicken, to see her splash and slip-slide in the bath, and, finally, to marvel at how easily she goes to sleep, waving night-night once she's zipped into her quilt-sack and laid down with her favourite bunny.

-- Crepes were eaten as well, in the company of Daughter #3 and her Guy -- our favourite creperie has changed hands, and we've been a bit anxious about that, but the new Thai owners have a young Frenchwoman from Bretagne at the griddle, and so far our "Number 5 on buckwheat" is every bit as good, so we're very grateful. We usually head there after a run on Saturday or Sunday morning -- by that time, it's not too early to call a daughter or two and see if they'd like to meet us for breakfast, 10:30-ish. A pleasant way to catch up over a meal without breaking the bank.

-- Despite my earlier resolve to get through January without shopping, I saw some shoes I couldn't resist. I might show you them later -- flat, spectator oxfords, black-and-tan.

-- And while getting the nosepiece repaired on my 6-year old glasses frames, I ended up choosing new ones. That sounds easier and more spontaneous than it was, since there were two return visits involved, each bringing different people in for opinions, for a total of at least twenty pairs tried out. So far, I've only put down the deposit, not done the fitting, so it will be four weeks or so before I've got the glasses on my face. Meanwhile, some doubt is setting in, but overall, I think I have some cool new specs in my future. . .

You know? No wonder I don't have time to write much here -- I've been busy! And I barely mentioned work, which takes up a few minutes here and there as well (hah!)

Speaking of which . . . . Better go!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the shoes and the new specs!

    Sounds like a full but satisfying weekend.

  2. Also looking forward to seeing the new glasses. I desperately need to get a new pair - show me some inspiration! :0)

    I'm so glad to hear that your daughter is enjoying and doing well on her new career path. It takes guts to make a big change like that. Patricia

  3. Your post is a very happy one, you sound like you are enjoying living in the moment and have a rich life, it makes me smile along with you!

  4. Your life sounds so peaceful and thoughtful.

  5. "Harmonious" comes to mind, reading of your weekend. Nola with her bunny,saying goodnight is a wonderful image. My dear friend's daughter has one of those newborns who does NOT sleep at night- that's tough.

  6. You have a lovely, busy life and I love the bits you share. Thank you!

  7. Pseu: Yes, I'll have to make a date with my camera . . . I tried to find photos on-line, but failed. Sigh.
    Patricia: It's such an ordeal, isn't it?! I had a hard time sleeping the night after choosing my frames, revisiting the decision . . . And thanks for your comments about Megan's career change -- we're so relieved it's turned out so well because it really is a big commitment, as you suggest.
    Hostess/LPC: Yes, I feel very fortunate . . . seems worth recording not in smugness but as a lesson in appreciation and also a reminder when I'm tempted to whine.
    Duchesse: Yes, that nighttime sleep is so necessary for restoration. Nola was not a great sleeper, but her mom and dad followed some techniques suggested in a couple of great books -- swaddling, swinging, shushing and another "s" I think, which were suggested by a book called The Fourth Trimester if I'm not confused. And they've done a great job with sleep-training, although there were a few very stressful nights before they got to that. You must have done all that and more with two at once!
    Angie: Thanks! I feel the same way about your blog, altho' I'm not as good as you about commenting . . .

  8. For some reason I have not been to the cinema for ages, it is a casualty of a busy family life i think, combined with a partner who only does 'action' movies. The Tom Ford film was styled by the genius grew that do Mad Men hence they could be reading the phone directory and I waould be mesmerised!
    I will be patient and wait for the DVD I guess although I miss the 'big screen' experience.

    My daughters careers loom large but I have asked them not to worry too much and just enjoy the education.I know from my sisters that a path will appear when it is ready.
    Vancouver is, would you believe now very high up our list of travel desires. We want to combine it with Seattle, but Emin is very fearful of US imigration!
    Oh to find shoes, it may be worth the trip just to see your amazing source of shoes. I live in a capital city yet have access to mostly all that is generic and mundane.
    Have you read Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier?
    In it the character too goes through a bit of a spectacles change! it is a good read if a little slow to start.

  9. MF--There's a chance that I might be going to the Vancouver area for a couple of weeks this summer avec famille. I don't know the area at all, but am interested in renting a cottage or somesuch for the duration. Would you have any regional suggestions (just general areas)? I'd like to be near Vancouver but am also open to islands.

  10. Oh, it is so good to see you blogging again, even if not every day, sharing your experiences with your faithful readers!

  11. Alison: I'd love to have you visit Vancouver! I'll cross my fingers that happens before too long. As a photographer, you might be interested in some of the Vancouver School stuff -- I believe there was an exhibit in London at some point last year about it.
    I'd forgotten about that whole spectacles scene in Night Train to Lisbon -- I'll have to go back and re-read that.
    And yes, it takes a while for the career-thing to gel -- my second daughter, at 30, is just hitting her groove now with managing the corporate ladder, and may yet change careers once she's solidified her successes. I think that may be the operating model now.
    Miss C: Any of the Gulf Islands are great -- Saltspring, Hornby, and Mayne probably have the most going on in terms of offering a few eating-out choices, on-island shopping, market days, etc. All can be reached in half a day or so from Vanc'r by ferry, Saltspring and Mayne being the closest, Hornby being a bit more of a commitment. But Hornby has great beaches! Sidney, at the very southern tip of Vancouver Island, just outside of Victoria, is another possibility. And the Sunshine Coast (did you ever watch The Beachcombers, back in the day . . .) -- Sechelt, Gibsons, all good choices. Way back when, cottages could be rented in Boundary Bay (Crescent Beach, White Rock), but real estate prices/urban development there have probably rendered that unlikely.
    All the places I'm mentioning are on the ocean, but within four or five hours' drive from Vancouver you can get to the interior lakes, through stunning landscapes of hilly deserts, tawny, sage-dotted expanses -- think Sheila Watson's The Double Hook (did you teach your students that? did they like it?) -- look for anything on Okanagan Lake or Shuswap -- bonus is that there are many, many wineries in the area. Also great for cycling, etc.,
    Metscan: You're so kind, such a loyal reader -- thank you!

  12. It sounds like a marvelous kind of busy weekend and a perfect blend. I sighed over the thought of the negroni and the jazz.

  13. Two words: Bruno Gerusi!

    Thanks for all your very useful information!!

  14. Mardel: Isn't that the perfect combo? I wish negroni-and-jazz for you in the near future . . .
    Miss C: A true Canadian you are! Good ol' Bruno G. I have to admit I didn't watch The Beachcombers, have probably only caught a part-episode, but I know Relic and the cafe and Bruno Gerussi.
    If you end up this way, and you want to visit a funny little island or to have a drink in Vanc'r, give me a shout.


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