Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where's Neil Young? I got the harvest moon . . .

As the moon rose to the East tonight, igniting a pathway across the water to the mainland, I wished once again that I knew how to photograph it. Suddenly, I got an idea, and switched off all the house lights, taking my camera outside and setting it on the rail of the deck. On a solid surface, I could count on it staying steady, and I turned off the flash, looked through the lens 'til I had the shot I wanted, and then clicked the shutter button. I counted off at least twenty seconds before the shutter clicked shut again. A primitive way to capture enough moonlight to, well, capture the moonlight, but I am pleased with the results.
With the shutter open for so long, you can actually see the moon's progress traced in light here.

And while there's some blur from the water's movement as well as the moon's and the other, manmade lights, it's an effect I like.
Hope you do as well. Shine on, shine on harvest moon. . . .


  1. I particulaly like the deep colours and the silouette of the tree in that last one.
    Think of the fun you could have with a tripod!

  2. Beautiful. Next can we have a photo of a Cowgirl in the Sand?

  3. Those are amazing photos. What kind of camera do you have?

  4. Alison: I have been thinking how useful and fun a tripod could be . . .
    Thanks Jillian, LBR, it's a Nikon 40DX -- used way below its potential!
    LPC: Gee, I was trying to think I could stage "flying Mother Nature's silver seed . . . "

  5. Gorgeous. Now I have Cat Stevens' "Moon Shadow" running through my head. Great way to start the day!

  6. Beautiful shots, and a great reminder to dig out my Neil Young CDs and moon watch!


  7. Thanks Mardel. And Pseu, now I've got your earworm!
    And Christine, hope you get some clear nights to enjoy the moon -- on the wane now, but it was still lovely last night.


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