Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rainy Fall Palette

The photo above displays the dominant colour and weather around here this weekend -- it has been grey and wet! Rainfall warnings and anxiety about the state of roof repair and remembering where the boots and other raingear were stashed. Perfect weather for staying indoors by the fire.I did get out for my long run (well, the distance is only about 12K, but it's a 90-minute deal for me) which left me drenched to that attractive drowned-rat look. Still, it's so much better than snow for running in (and living in, generally!). And gradually, one develops an eye for a different palette. The greys and browns, as above, turn out to have interesting gradations and interplay, and without colour, geometries stand out. Dramas in corners eclipsed in the brighter months.Small dramas.And bigger ones.
Some of us aren't content to stay home and observe; some of us must adventure into the grey and wet. (Some of us don't have stacks of papers to mark!)But even the adventurer comes home

A grey rainy day highlights the small pleasures, the quiet palette, none more than that steaming cup of smoky tea (blend five parts Russian Caravan with one part Lapsang Souchong) after a good romp outdoors. . .


  1. As another West Coaster, I have the same fondness for rain that you do, and a similar sense of its broad palette. I would love to take up canoeing. Your post and photos make me want to stop dreaming and do it.

  2. should you want to knit a sweater, say a FairIsle, hwith many colours of the earth, here's your rainy day grey skies and stones palette:

  3. LPC: For the ocean, imho, the kayak is even better -- and what I like about kayaking over canoeing is that I can be independent. Don't need anyone helping me out and can enjoy a quiet paddle even if I'm on my own.
    Liz: Thanks! That's a great resource -- I have been thinking I might do another FairIsle after my colour-crazy one is done. This palette would be the perfect palate-cleanser (or antidote!)

  4. I must say, that tea blend sounds just perfect! I hope to get our kayak out some time soon, but we'll be heading in the other direction weatherwise, so it will be all about blinding sunshine and bright water.

  5. Regarding your previous post I cycled for years before I had children. There is no stylish way to do rain, snow or shine is there?
    My worst was heavy cross winds which made the hills grindingly painful.
    Now I walk everywhere, but I dread the rain as it ruins my shoes, my sister has invested in some half height Hunters which I may try, for now. Luckily the rain has held off.
    Marking for me is visual so I confess it is a breeze, I am very opinioated and so make brutal decisions with ease. I know from helping my A Level girls with their written work how time consuming reading then trying to unpick and help move on the written word is.
    It is good to remember the warm days, I too am drawing in reserves as this wek is a sea of afterschool meetings. dare I mention I do have a half term looming!

  6. I love kayaking, for your reasons. For some years, we did cocktail kayaking with friends, threw them in Lake Ontario, a 10-min drive from our house. Paddle around for a pleasant hour, then back home for drinks. And I too take pleasure in the sombre, sere palette of autumn.

  7. Tiffany: We really love this blend of tea -- not nearly as desperately smoky as Lapsang which Pater can drink but I find too strong. And more intense than Russian Caravan -- The latter isn't always easy too find, but you could blend a good Black tea with Lapsang for a similar effect.
    Alison: I can see your personality working well as an editor -- not sure I'd call it brutal, but there's no equivocating, is there!
    Duchesse: I love the notion of cocktail kayaking!! I'm going to have to set up a cocktail kayak event here next summer -- I suppose the trick is to be sure to leave the drinking for after, as you suggest.
    Aren't you lucky to be right in the big city yet only a 10-minute drive from kayaking in a Great Lake!

  8. Being cold is worth it for the feeling you get when drinking tea.

  9. IHF: Thanks
    Thom: Yes, which you can drink with Oaties!! Yay!


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