Sunday, October 4, 2009

Parisian chic -- navy and cream and nola!

My little girl is big enough to fit the Petit Bateau dress we picked up for her in Paris last spring. Does she not look très chic?
AND she's crawling!

And may be up to more mischief soon. . .

For now, she's mainly content to charm . . . sitting here on Mom's lap . . .

and she LOVES to laugh! What a happy girl.
Oh, and by the way, some teeth finally arrived -- she has three now and looks likely to have perhaps five more quite soon. Her appearance will change even more as the teeth shape her smile, and meanwhile her hair has grown enough that her Mom's got a barette for her!
I tell you, this Nana gig, it's a very good gig indeed.


  1. Très mignonne!!!

    Seriously, she is too adorable for words!!!

  2. I WANT THAT DRESS. Please tell me they do it my size if not why? Why do we adults never get to wear such lovely dreses, so not fair.
    Wow is Nola growing up fast, but then Ive noticed some subtle changes in Leyla recently, scary since shes my last and grandchildren are a long way off (I hope!)

  3. So adorable. I think she looks like you.

  4. LOVE this dress on her. And she wears tights just like you. Sooooo cute!!!!

  5. Thanks all! Yes, Indigo, I'd wear a dress like this as well, I think, altho' I'm not sure I'd look as cute as Nola -- as LBR says, though, I'd also be rocking it with tights -- it's genetic ;-)
    And Indie, that happens so quickly, I know -- I watched it happen with my own daughters, then my older nieces, and now the 9-year old twin nieces are obviously getting close to that headlong rush to hormonal insanity. So I'm really going to get the most I can of this time with Nola.

  6. What a wonderful smile- on your both girls! Isn´t it just so much fun to shop for the little ones? The clothes are so cute, especially the French ones and Burburry´s too!

  7. Whee, a Nola binge! That top photo, there's such depth and soul in her eyes. LOVE her!

  8. Metscan, it is indeed fun! I have a great time at consignment stores as well -- this little dress is one of the few new items I've bought Nola.
    Duchesse: Thank you, I'm rather partial as well!

  9. Happy happy pictures. What a great face and lovely smile that little treasure has. Best gig in the world.

  10. Gorgeous, both of them!
    I stocked up on Petit Bateau clothes in Paris when I was 5 months pregnant with my first child. Both my son and daughter wore the little striped shirts and pants and they're currently being worn by my baby niece. It's such classic, well made stuff.

  11. Thanks, Heart -- I love watching kids' clothes be inherited by different wearers -- so satisfying to see those memories pile up in cute and sturdy little garments.


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