Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i've got the blues, but that's a good thing . . .

A few weeks ago, my blogging friend, Lesley, over at Peregrinations, tagged me to post seven blue things from around my home.
I could have crossed most of the seven off my list with the photo above -- besides the assorted pieces of dinnerware, the kitchen counter they're sitting on is blue as well.

But I don't need to take any easy way out of this challenge as I've clearly got blue to spare -- Thomas, at Sunday Best, once asked in the comments (in a tone of wonder audible all the way from his home in Victoria to mine a ways up the island!) if my whole house was really painted Robin's Egg Blue (in fact, only the upstairs is -- downstairs is the shade called "Dill Pickle" you see in the top photo above, the background to a painting by my friend Alison Watt). But in addition to the blue walls upstairs, there's plenty of blue downstairs -- the random tiles set in the terra cotta floor, for example.

This delightfully spiky pottery bowl I picked up on Lasqueti Island many years ago.

And these decorative ceramic balls nestled on an artisan-made recycled-glass cobalt blue plate I received years ago from a friend who knew: I love Blue!
Do you? Besides letting me know in the comments below, you are more than welcome to do this meme yourself. Let me know if you take the blue challenge, and I'll be sure to link to you.


  1. Well, I guess the answer is in the name. Indigo Blue is my favourite colour.
    -I went through a phase of collect blue patterned china, I can't afford it but Delft Tiles are the most beautiful in the world.
    -I love blue glas, it is my most treasured colour when looking on the beach.
    -A very deep blue is the colour of the girls bedroom which is a suprisingly pleasing colour to have.
    -Today I am wearing blue!

  2. I am so sorry about the spelling above, In between writing it and posting it, I had to deal with a sobbing student, who nearly made me cry!

  3. I love the lapus-lazuli bule of that spiky bowl!

  4. Ooh, such lovely ceramics! I love that spiky bowl too; it's a fabulous and unique piece. Maybe I'll post some of my antique Blue Willow pieces my grand-mere picked up in China...

  5. If I can get my balky camera to work I'll play! I admire your blue pieces, such a charming play of pattern.

  6. I love your bowls!

    I'm attempting to blog, and I hadn't posted photographs yet, so this is an opportunity to try it out. Funny, I don't have much blue in my house but most of it is pottery also.

    Not sure how to link to my blog either, so we shall see.

  7. I love your blues. The spiky bowl is very interesting. My favorite blue vase was recently broken which made me very sad. Blue glass in particular is a favorite.

  8. Yes, Indigo, we know what your favourite colour is! (I know that drill with the sobbing students -- tough, isn't it!)
    Lesley: Thanks, it's probably my favourite piece of pottery.
    Pseu: I'd love to see the Blue Willow. I found a stack (10, I think) in a second-hand store about five or ten years ago and picked them up (it's always handy to have a stash of extra plates and they blend well with my white ones). The variety of the Blue Willow makes them a great collectable.
    Duchesse: Oh yes, do play! Get that camera to co-operate, please.
    Northmoon: Lovely to have you here visiting -- I'll pop over to see your blog and I'll happily link to your photos post once you've got it up.
    Mardel: Oooh, there's a particular, peculiar progression of emotions, isn't there, when a favourite piece of glass breaks -- dismay following very quickly after that shocked recognition of inevitability that happens in the microseconds between hand and floor. So sorry.

  9. Love that Lasqueti spiked pottery piece!

    I have revisited the blue and white combo recently. I purchased a Harumi Ota porcelain bowl from Plenty on Fort Street and then a smaller shallow one from Eclectic in Oak Bay and I am inspired when I see your images to add to the collection!

    I very much enjoy your west coast blog.

  10. I know the blues but it turns out I have no blues in my home space. Not a one. Well, there is the lid to my jar of Eucerin. Does that count?;-) I too love your spiky blue bowl. It would be gorgeous filled with tangerines.

  11. Lordfam: Welcome! Lovely to have another West Coast reader -- I never manage to get enough Victoria shopping, but a weekend trip is on my list.
    LBR: Really? No blues? And yet they're the perfect complement to orange and I know how you feel about orange . . .
    Tangerines would be too big for this bowl, but I'm going to keep an eye out for that wee orange fruit whose name escapes me at the moment -- kumquats? mini-clementines? hmmmmmm. . .

  12. I decided to play.

    Kumquats in a small blue bowl sounds lovely.

  13. That's great, Mardel -- I'll link to you in my next post.
    And I'll be on the lookout for kumquats!


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