Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taking Care of Me . . .

While there are many joys and worthwhile challenges involved in teaching first-year students, a steady diet of them (three sections, 28 students each PLUS an 8-hour weekly gig working one-on-one in the Writing Centre!) can be exhausting. We're at Week 4 of 13 here, and I'll bring home my first serious stack of marking this weekend.

All of which is to say it's time to take stock of life's small pleasures. Thus I'm sharing photos of a small detail that's been pleasing me lately -- a new-to-me combination of wrist bracelets. The carved silver First Nations bracelet is one I've been wearing almost daily for over fifteen years now, but recently I've enjoyed complementing it with another, generally small, bracelet. This silver chain with a red glass heart is one I gifted myself with, so it reminds me daily that I think I'm worth treating well.

And the Tiffany bracelet below is one Pater chose on his own (as he had, earlier, chosen the matching earrings I now wear constantly). So I'm also reminded daily of my good fortune in having a mate who treats me well. I love the way the bracelet gives my (Coach) watch additional presence --

Despite this evidence of good fortune, worn daily at my wrists, I felt the need of additional luxury to get me through the next few weeks -- and, what do you know, a local spa I sometimes frequent is having a Fall Special! So right after my last class today, I'll be luxuriating in a facial and pedicure. I'm saving the rest of the package (Steam Bath, Oxygen Therapy (!) and Massage) for later, knowing I'll need another boost soon.
Meanwhile, my siblings who live closer to Mom have been wrestling with all the demands of a very quickly-arranged move. House listed late August, condo bought two days later, Moving day today. I'll help a little bit in arranging company for Mom over the next week or two, but a few sibs have done the really heavy lifting. Unfortunately, in this line of work, there are no subs, and the only way I can be away is if I cancel classes -- which makes it hard on the students, and I only do it rarely. So I'm not there helping, and instead I'm over here booking spa appointments to help me get over my teaching/marking fatigue! What they must think! Sorry, sibs!


  1. Those are all lovely bracelets!

    Hope your mom's move goes smoothly and that she settles in quickly.

  2. Love your bracelets! I bought myself a chunky silver bracelet a little while ago to spoil myself in the midst of family crises - I wear it with a fine silver bangle that my spouse bought me years ago (that I never take off). Amazing what a little bit of bling can do to cheer one up. As for the heavy lifting, I'm sure your sibs will forgive. Sibs are like that. Hang in there with the first years (always my LEAST favourite). And enjoy the spa!

  3. Big day for your Mom. Fond wishes for ease, acceptance, adjusting. I hope she still loves the view.

    Beautiful bracelets!

  4. Well I hope you do relax, your teaching schedule is far more intense than mine, and hey, what are siblings for anyway!
    I can't wear bracelets any more, but I do wear 3 rings from the trinity of men that have passed through my life. I cannot imagine not wearing them, for some reason they make me whole. We need these small talismans.

  5. Thanks, all! And sorry I'm slow to acknowledge your thoughtful comments.

  6. Oh my--are they all comp classes? That's a lot of marking indeed . . . And the bracelet is just beautiful. I know a writer who always has a perfect manicure, b/c she looks at her fingers on the keyboard so much during the day . . . I guess I must look at my feet a lot, b/c I'm drawn to shoes . . .

  7. Why, yes they are, Miss C, and you perhaps know how much joy that means. So you understand my need for reminds of beauty, very close at hand (a poor attempt at a pun, please excuse)

  8. Lovely bracelets. I have just discovered the joy of combining bracelets with my watch. How could I have missed this?

  9. Mardel: Exactly what I've wondered! Except that it's really only in the last few years that I've got comfortable with wearing much jewelry beyond my watch, wedding ring, and silver bracelet.


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