Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Sweater, new socks . . .

It's been rather satisfying, lately, to be finishing off a number of knitting projects -- here's a pair of socks destined for my Pilates instructor who suffers from chilblains, especially when she comes back from a tropical mid-winter break to our Canadian winters (altho' on the West Coast, our winters aren't typically Canadian). I have to admit that, while I love the mix of colours in a variegated skein, I'm going to be more and more careful in future about choosing either nearly-solid dyes or a yarn that blends colours over a much, much longer expanse. I'm tired of the busy-ness of this kind of variegation (for the knitting-knowledgeable and curious, this yarn is Araucania). I'll probably cast on a Noro Silk Garden sock yarn from my stash for the next socks.

In other knitting news, I'm very happy with the fix Jillian suggested for my Gathered Pullover -- crocheting a single all around the neckline, tightening by instinct, has left a much cleaner, easier-to-wear edge. I'm so pleased with the sweater which is exactly what I was looking for -- one of those comfortable, throw-on-over-anything sweaters, casual but distinctive, that is indispensable in the summer -- silk and linen mean it's just the perfect weight!
Here's a closer view of the neckline -- so much improved! As you can see, the V is still fairly deep, and I will often wear a T or a cami underneath for modestybut I also like it as is OR worn with a scarf.
Sweater-knitting can be an iffy proposition -- often more joy in process than product -- but this time I know I'll wear what I've made with satisfaction. I also have high hopes for my Tangled Yoke cardigan, soon to be blocked and worn on a Mater near you . . .


  1. The sweater is lovely. I too like open necklines and a scarf, when I want warmth or a bit of drama. Knitting done and knitting on the way. I can´t stop admiring all the things you get accomplished !

  2. Yay!! So glad that worked out and you didn't have to rip anything. It looks fantastic on you. I love that pattern, better make sure it in my favorites :)

  3. Metscan: Don't forget -- all the knitting I've accomplished means there's a pile of ironing undone somewhere, an essay that should have been written, a cupboard that should be reorganized . . . But thanks!
    Jillian: Yes, I owe you a big, big thank you! This is a fix I'll be sure to add to my repertoire -- so much better than frogging rows and re-doing.

  4. A great fix that doesn't look at all like one!

  5. I. am. so. impressed!
    that is a beautiful sweater. if you had bought it, i would admire it, but since you actually made it, i covet it - for both it's beauty and the pride you ought to feel.

  6. Wow, so glad to see the Gathered Pullover finally done - the crochet fix was brilliant. I think if I knit it I will tweak to get a higher neckline, as I have a much less smooth decolletage ... I adore the colour on you!

  7. Thanks Duchesse!
    UpandDown: I can't draw, but I'm pleased to be able to manipulate yarn! Thanks!
    Tiffany: I suspect the neckline will be a bit higher and a bit more stable in wool -- the linen/silk is ever so drapey! And yes, I'm really finding this a good colour for me -- a discovery of the past 5 or so years.


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