Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happiness Is . . .

Reading La Belette Rouge's post about Happiness (and Happy-ishness) yesterday, I thought I'd follow her lead and list a few of the things I'm NOT complaining about these days ('cause I get that there's been a whine too many coming out of these fingers recently).

So what's been making me happy? I have a little list . . .

1. My garden, despite some egregious neglect, continues to give me pretty pictures. I love the freshness of the nandina domestica (Heavenly Bamboo), and I also love its resilience: this particular shrub was killed to the ground by last winter's severe weather, but it's bounced back remarkably to take on another cold season. The clematis tangutica is also fresh and cheery, twining its pretty yellow nodding heads all along the fence.

2. One of my daughters announced, as her Facebook status the other day, that she is "exactly where [she is] supposed to be, finally." Isn't that great news for a mom?! (especially since the place she's at is the beginning of a not-at-all-inexpensive 3-year professional-training program that she's committed to.)
3. I just had a fabulous run in the September sunshine -- the absolutely best weather for running. I stretched the distance a bit more than I perhaps should (12K, when 10K might have been the wiser choice) but it was worth the possible need for ice-ing later. Practically Dionysian to couple the glorious weather with the physical movement and the tunes on my IPod (I wouldn't run with the IPod in the city -- you really can't hear cars, etc., -- but on the island's dirt roads with most residents respectful of the 30KPH speed limit, it's pretty safe).
4. So many of my colleagues came out yesterday afternoon to celebrate with me the launch of a book in which I had an (academic) essay published. The collection was co-edited by a colleague and a professor from the University of Turin, who was with us for the launch and delivered an interesting presentation.
I've had work published in Conference Proceedings before and reviewed for an academic journal, but as a late entry to academia (and as someone who taught halftime while writing my dissertation, then fulltime with a 4/4 teaching load since completing it), getting an essay published in a collection by a good press was exciting. I was exquisitely aware yesterday of how rare it is to get this kind of collegial support, and despite the frustrations of a heavy teaching load (which doesn't cancel the expectation of research) and the culture clash with Administration, I'm happy to be in such a great environment.

5. Happy to have finished the Tangled Yoke Cardigan -- I've worn it, and it's perfect. I knew I loved the colour and I loved the fabric as it manifested itself at my fingertips, but I hadn't quite anticipated the comfort and fit satisfaction. It's a brilliant weight -- light yet warm, very easy to wear. It's the first Eunny Jang pattern I've knit after admiring her knitting, design, writing, and editing skills for years, and I shouldn't be surprised to find form and function so masterfully combined. Can't help thinking, now, about taking on the Autumn Rose pullover . . .

And yes, I'll show you the Tangled Yoke as soon as I can get Pater, me, and a camera together.

6. Happy with several of the outfits I put together this week, mostly from items I've had for a while, although I did throw my new vest into the mix, as well as the white Boyfriend shirt I got from Banana Republic last week (and really, I'm wishing I'd bought two, and hoping they're not sold out before I get another -- finally, a white shirt I feel good in). I have photos of these that I'll show you later as well.

7. And, finally, happy that 60 going on 16 is not (yet) giving me a hard time for not doing the meme she passed along. Posting is really slowing down here, what with the having-to-work-for-a-living and all, but I'm still hoping to get to that. Thanks for the patience, 60!


  1. Happiness is contagious - I feel happy tht you have all these reasons to be happy! And well done for the publication!

  2. I wouldn't worry about that award, mater; as long as you keep posting blogs as life-affirming as this, I'm more than, er, happy! And that's a pretty impressive happiness list.

  3. Thank you for the timely reminder about looking for the happy things! And congratulations on the publication - sounds like quite an achievement.

  4. Thanks Lesley -- and happy to have infected you ;-)
    60/16: Your blog also makes me happy!
    Tiffany: And thank you! The publication was big for me, although as far as academe is concerned, it's pretty matter of course -- I'm definitely displaying naïveté in being excited about it.

  5. Your photography and granddaughter make me happy when I visit your blog!

  6. When I read the title of your post I always try to figure out first if there will be a pic of Nola. Mondays are especially promising, you have had a weekend. This is a lovely post all the same but why no photos for SO LONG?

  7. Karen, Duchesse: Sorry there's been too little/no Nola lately -- and we're not going to see her this weekend either.

  8. I am happy inspired this happy filled post! You, my friend, have lots to be happy about. That makes me happy. I would be happier still if you share what journal you were published in. I would love to order a copy. xoxo


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