Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Colour Compensations

I am so tired this evening, and my bike tire needs air but the pump's so crappy that more air got out than in and now it's even flatter but my arms are too tired to try pumping anymore tonight. Besides whining, all I want to do is watch my Buffy DVDs. No energy for blogging. And I have a stack of student writing to mark and a colloquium to prepare for on top of my regular classes and . . . (apparently, I really want to whine . . . )

But then I remembered that I'd taken photos of this morning's stunning sunrise, and just looking at them revived me a little.

I know I probably post too many sunrise photos here, but every time I see another sunrise I feel a sense of grace. Like this rock, lit up by the sunshine it's reflecting.And the morning's sunrise photos made me think of the photos of my latest knitting project, the Kauni cardigan. I had originally thought to accompany these shots with some explanation (for non-knitters) of how the changing colour stories follow each other through the stripes. But did I mention how tired I am?

So I'll just leave you to savour the rich colours and to wonder if I will really be brave enough to wear something this bold. And to notice how magically like a giant jawbreaker the two balls of yarn are.
Meanwhile, I'll be curling up on the couch. Hope your rentrée finds you more energetic than it does me!


  1. A complete and total non sequitur but can I just say that your constant correct usage of its vs. it's never fails to buck me up? Sort of like a sunrise.

  2. Never too many sunrise pictures!

    I'm in awe of that knitting project. Those are some truly gorgeous colors, and I love they metamorphose and shift. So pretty!!

  3. Much as I love the photos, I have to wonder - if you're up taking photos of the sunrise, are you getting enough sleep?? :0)

  4. Hey, never too many sunrises, AND I'm a big supporter of the therapeutic whine (I may be prone to it myself). That yarn is WILD. I don't know what I could knit with it myself (maybe a throw) but the colours really sing!

  5. You posted just what I needed. Wish I could have a cup of your tea with you. Thank you.

  6. The colors, oh the colors! You have brought a spot of joy into all the dark greyness around here. Wear the sweater, it will remind of you of sunrises.

  7. LPC: Aw, thanks! I did once realize that I'd somehow put the wrong "its" over at Miss Cavendish's -- and since she shares my training/profession, I couldn't have been more mortified and hastened to correct my error. I was surprised to have made it as I got these two firmly in their place in about Grade 3 -- some very serious grammar teachers back in the day!
    Pseu: Aren't they gorgeous colours? The yarn's by a Danish company, Kauni, and it has me wanting more -- next time I would go for a more limited range rather than the full rainbow spectrum!
    Patricia: Of course, sunrises are happening later and later these days, and I'm up in plenty of time to catch them, sadly. . . ;-)
    Tiffany: This one is actually slated for a gift for a daughter -- I hope she doesn't read the comments carefully -- but I think I'd wear it if the rest of my outfit was very toned down -- maybe with jeans and a neutral T. . .
    Duchesse: That sounds perfect -- join me on my deck and I'll be Mother and pour, shall I?
    Mardel: Yes, I think this sweater could be very welcome from November to February . . . but see my comment to Tiffany above.

  8. It's beautiful here but we don't get sunrises like that, not least because there are houses in between . . .

    Quite stunning.

  9. Now with the right accessories! I too would probably not be brave enough to wear so much colous.
    I think you should always be duty bound to share those sunrises, what is daily bread for you is butter cream sponge cake for us!
    Sorry it's late I'm tired.

  10. I just want to breath in those colours and have them as a resource to pull from any time I need warmth or nurturance. Really beautiful. I hope that your gift of beauty and relaxation that you gave us comes back to you.

  11. 60/16: I get gorgeous sunrises but not that view of the Thames -- tradeoffs always, aren't there!
    Imogen: Aren't they amazing?
    Indigo: Buttercream sponge cake, mmmmm...
    LBR: They really did revive me, the colours, and I'm glad they gave you some pleasure as well.

  12. Mom!
    that cardigan is amazing. What great colours for fall.
    ... I want to join you and Duchesse for tea on the deck. School IS harder than cooking ;) lol!

  13. Hey cutie, glad you like it!
    And yes, let's call up the Duchesse and set a tea-date!
    Remember what I told you about school/cooking and Rob!! -- he's still on the other side of the fence where the grass is/is not greener -- be sensitive. . .


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