Monday, September 28, 2009

Boys' Club

It's a couple of weeks since I took these photos of my new vest in action. Then today Karen, Of a Certain Age, posted about pulling menswear looks into real life, and I thought it was time for me to chime in.

Except for a bracelet, a simple large-link silver chain, and silver ball earrings, I didn't do much to feminize the outfit, but I enjoyed the slouchy polish I felt I achieved (and I know, combining slouch and polish might seem oxymoronic, but I was convinced, at least!). Funnily enough, of all the shoes I wore during the first two weeks of school, these low Converse were the ones that drew the compliments.
I could easily understand if Imogen or Karen or another Image Consultant pops in and suggests the proportions here aren't the best for me, but once again I want to say that I sometimes want to dress from the inside out, to express myself without always thinking about what makes me look taller and thinner and longer-waisted, etc. While I value learning how to best flatter my features and minimize my "flaws," sometimes this girl just wants to have fun!


  1. I think of it as 'slouchy intellectual cool' ...

  2. You define "panache." Lovelovelove it--and am slightly abashed that I don't have the courage to try something similar myself (yet).

  3. Love it. I don't always dress to thin my waist, lengthen my legs etc. either. In fact, I'm much more of a rule breaker, personally. Brenda Kinsel says style trumps all--otherwise we'd look pretty darn boring following all of our "rules" each day.

    Your man look is comfortable, youthful and appropriate and it looks great on YOU. I can't see your face in the photos, but make sure your lashes are long and lush and that you have great lipstick and a wonderful Jo Malone cologne. This adds the "irony factor." I love Converse on Certain Agers and I'm sticking to it.

    On other thought; Why does Ellen De Generes look cuter in her menswear than Annie Leibowitz does in hers? Answer: makeup! A gamine haircut! A sparkling personality! These things matter in pulling off a man "look."

  4. Really like how you can play with so many different moods and looks!

    I don't strive for what Karen calls a "youthful" look, but don't want to look matronly either. So many clothes are too 'junior' for me.

    Like your ensemble as is- and one of your gorgeous mufflers would work too as it gets chilly.

  5. Love this look! I think the long vest keeps the proportions right and the Converse kicks are fun.

  6. I have fancied a pair of those converses for a while. I have only just found out they are washable which makes them more wearable.
    The look is great, I love the whole insouciance slouch look, especially with just a flash of adornment.

  7. Love the whimsy of this menswear inspired look. You proved that not only "girls want to have fun"; "menswear wants to have fun" too!

  8. I know I've already commented, but I wanted to add that I'm happy to see you wearing the Converse - I've been having a conversation wiht myself about whether I'm guilty of mutton when I wear them. The answer is 'not if you're wearing the right outfit'. Thanks!

  9. Thanks all!
    Panache, eh? Insouciance, too! I can work with that!
    Karen, the idea of Annie Leibowitz wanting to be cute makes me chuckle, really. But I agree with you on the perfume -- that day, mine was probably Kelly Calèche.
    Duchesse: I did more menswear today and went with one of those "mufflers" -- an exuberantly-paisleyed red wool one, perfect for fall's chill.
    Pseu/IndieAl: I like the shoes -- to me, they're just clean-looking and practical -- the age issue wasn't an issue, from my perspective.
    LBR: Thanks for adding whimsy to panache and insouciance!
    Tiffany: See above . . .

  10. I love this look on you. I agree too about pursuing one's inner style at the expense of rules. After all, are not rules meant to be broken? I think we'd all be pretty boring if we dressed just according to the "rules" for our individual bodies.
    Life is too short. Have fun. Look fabulous doing it. You do.

  11. Thanks, Mardel! Let's not be boring, right?!


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