Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not just for surfers, dude!

The Travel section in this weekend's Globe and Mail carries Gemma Bowes' feature on surfing holidays in Portugal's Figueira da Foz (link is to The Guardian where the article first appeared) which we visited in 2008. Even though we only spent a night and part of a day there, and even though surfing is out of my realm, I felt that pleasant buzz of recognition -- hey, we were there! This is the beach!
Although so much of the city shows signs of decades of povertypoverty's depredations are layered over a foundation of beauty and always a play with colourand the delights of Moorish arches and tile-covered walls.
There are still beautifully inviting spots to sit in the sunshine.
And lovely strolls along the waterfront

Pater and I agree that Portugal is high on our list of places to revisit. Next year, perhaps, or the following. . .

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