Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hangin' Out in the Sunshine

After last week's emotional events, this past weekend was a time for relaxing and taking stock of our good fortune. Back on the island, the heat was more tolerable, enjoyable even. We ran before it got too hot in the morning -- I was nervous to let Pater go, but as we'd had a good long walk and then a swim together the day before and no fainting ensued, I agreed to loosen up.

We puttered around the garden, caught up on the weekend papers, read books, swam in the gloriously refreshing-but-not-too-cold-at-all water, and paddled our kayaks round the island in the moonlight, igniting the bioluminescence with our paddles -- tiny aquatic fireflies skittering into the depths, magical! After last night's paddle, I went back in for a swim although I couldn't talk Pater into joining me. Truly, it's like something out of a Harry Potter movie to see lights sparking away from hands as feet as you stroke through the water in the dark, and last night the moon was almost full and the night was clear . . .
I'm anxious about how dry the garden is, how dry the province is, in fact, with forest fires threatening so many homes, so I am looking forward to the rain that's scheduled for later in the week. At the same time, I'm dismayed at the thought. Rain being our default mode here, there's always the sense that once it regains the upper hand, it's here forever. I heard the crickets chirping last night, an August sound that always augurs the summer's end even while it's associated with its heat and languor. So today -- BC Day, a holiday here and, I hope, where you are as well -- is for savouring the delights of the season. Pater hung the hammocks my daughter brought back for us from Costa Rica years ago. He put one in our new pergola which provides a delicious dappled shade, and, if I'm too lazy even to read, offers a variety of shapes and patterns for me to survey, outlined against blue skies and much greenery.

I hope you can also find a comfortable spot to enjoy some summer relaxation, whether there's sunshine where you are or not. . .


  1. mater - I gave you a little award on my blog yesterday. Feel free to participate in the shenanigans or not, but I am enjoying reading your writing very much.

  2. Looks gorgeous! Glad that Pater is feeling better.

  3. Oh, that looks glorious! It's winter here, but we did have a beautifully sunny weekend and temps around 19-20. Sydney weather in winter is actually nicer (IMO) than summer, where is just gets too darn hot.

  4. Whew, that's all I can say... whew.

  5. Thanks, LPC, I love your blog and am tickled to be recognized over there. And shenanigans suit me just fine . . .
    Imogen: It's been such a lovely weekend . . .
    Tiffany: 19-20 is winter weather? Niiiiiice!
    Duchesse: Indeed!


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