Thursday, July 30, 2009

too hot to chat . . .

Pater had a very nice birthday yesterday even though he had to work -- I got over on an early ferry, early enough that I got downtown Vancouver before 11 in time to pick out his gift at M0851 -- a gorgeous soft-sided briefcase-tote-messenger bag piece (they call it the Square Funtional) that I gave him over sushi when he slipped out to meet me for lunch. (I can't believe the service at that shop -- never any pressure, always helpful and friendly and patient, and to top it off, Kimberley, the owner-manager (?) remembered my name -- first and last!! -- from when I was in there months ago!)

Then I went to the apartment where it was barely, but still, cooler than outside -- where it climbed to the high 30s, even over the 40s mark in some spots! The heat saps me of any energy -- it was all I could do to find a pan to fill with cold water for soaking my feet. I did make one foray in the later afternoon to bring back birthday cupcakes, but then I was prostrate again 'til dinnertime. For that, we hiked a few blocks up to Takis Taverna on Davie Street where daughter and son-in-law treated us to a Greek meal and where we tried to appreciate the heat as part of the Greek experience. [NOTE ADDED LATER: Apparently yesterday was the HOTTEST DAY EVER RECORDED in Vancouver at 38 degrees Celsius (just over 100 Farenheit). It was hotter than that back home in Nanaimo, but it wouldn't have felt as bad on our little island, thanks to the breeze that comes off the water.]

The low last night in Vancouver was 22, slightly above room temperature! And it never got that cool inside the apartment. I know you Easterners are missing this kind of heat this summer and I should be grateful for it, but seriously, how do you people cope with this?!

I'm only here one more day, staying tonight to baby-sit Nola -- her folks are going to a wedding so they'll drop her off at 4 and we'll put her to bed. She usually nurses before bedtime and doesn't take a bottle, so we'll have to see how that goes. . . Anyway, can't wait to get back to the island where I can at least go for a swim whenever I get too hot.

To try to mitigate the whininess of this post, I've included some Paris pictures I haven't shown you before. We turned some random corner, perhaps not far from the Seine, even near or on one of the isles, I'm not sure, and we saw this quirky spire and clock. A beautiful blue sky, and I'd love some of those clouds over here . . .
Now to soak my feet . . .


  1. try a shift wearing full whites in a kitchen with 3 ovens 2 stoves, a huge grill, and 4 blaring heat lamps.
    Yeeeehawwww massage therapy and air conditioned buildings here I come!

  2. I saw the Van weather, unbelievable! We have had noting over 30 yet, equally weird. But when it's that hot I stick my feet in a pool, drink cold beer (and icewater), wear loose clothes and seek out a movie theatre, something about that cold dark hall feel so good.

  3. Girlcook: I hear ya! We were careful not to whine to the servers last night, and it must have been downright evil in the back.
    Duchesse: Don't have a pool, but a big pot of cold water's doing the trick. Don't have beer either but I think I'm going to ask someone to bring some home . . .

  4. I don't think you're being whiny! You should hear me in a Sydney summer where we usually have quite a few days (if not weeks) in the high 30s - can't STAND it! I'm with Duchesse on the beer ... Or a nice crisp riesling or sauvignon blanc!

  5. I must say after our last holiday in Egypt during a heat wave 45+ I decided it was cooler climes for me. However this year lack of summer has been a little disappointing.
    I could do with just an extra 5 of your degrees to warm up and remove one of the 4 layers i wore yesterday!

  6. Quelle chaleur maudite Mater, rentrez vite dans votre petite isle!
    Depuis mon retour au pays il ne cesse de pleuvoir ici. Bah! un été de chien!



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