Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lucky me -- Happy Birthday, Pater

This good-looking guy has a birthday today, so I'm leaving our island home where there's a breeze off the water and I can swim to cool off (I went in twice yesterday -- it was glorious!) to brave the city heat and take him for dinner with our daughter and her guy.
Last year, walking to the village near the wonderful Quinta Moenda in rural Portugal, he said I should take a picture to remember how happy we were. It's not a flattering photo of me, but I remember the warmth of the sun and of our luck in love.

I've had decades with this man. I've enjoyed them all and look forward to several more. Since his last birthday, we've become grandparents, and now I'll get to know him all over again through a fresh pair of eyes. Here's a photo I snapped last weekend when Nola couldn't stop looking at her Granddad -- especially when he delivered the "secret" whistle he'd devised to help her get over making strange at him. If she could talk, I'm sure she'd join me in wishing him a very "Happy Birthday"!

So Happy Birthday, my dear, and may there be many, many more!


  1. YAY!!!
    Happy birthday to the best dad.
    generous, patient and encouraging.
    I love you so much

  2. Yeah, A BIG happy birthday from me too, he is a slice of highbrow civilisation when compared to my neanderthal!

  3. We very much enjoyed meeting Pater, and would like to join in wishing him a Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy, happy, happiest day, Pater!

  5. LOVELY post! Happy happy birthday to Pater! Patricia

  6. Falling in love is dazzling, but staying in love is even better. May you have many more years together.

  7. Oh cool! Send him my Happy Birthday to him. =D Have a great day ahead. Enjoy! =d

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  8. Happy Birthday to Pater!!!! So happy he was born as he clearly makes you so happy( and vice-versa).

  9. Happy Birthday to Peter. I'm glad you are so happy together after such a long time!

  10. happy, happy, happy birthday to P. What a lovely and touching post.

  11. Yeah!
    Looking good. Happy Birthday again!


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