Tuesday, June 2, 2009

gardens and new friends

Two posts for the price of one today! These are some of the shots taken in the "secret garden" I mentioned, one we would not have discovered if we were taking the Tube, but rather the result of some serendipitous wandering. it's a small gated garden -- the Phoenix Garden -- apparently one of the last communal gardens from those begun in the city in the 1980s. We just happened to spot it on a little side street as we made our way towards Leicester Square. What a delightful find. Hard to believe this peace could be found so close to very busy streets. We found several very good ideas here for translating to our own garden -- a brilliant berm-ish/retaining-wall creation made of stacked newspapers is one I'm definitely copying. And Pater's got an idea for a new pond.

She's already scooped me, but here's my version of yesterday afternoon's meeting with IndigoAlison -- I sometimes wonder why I keep up this whole blogging enterprise and I have some questions about how well represented we are on these screens, but meeting Alison after getting to know her through her blog after the last year or so was a validation of the process. Interesting, ├žause we'd just come from the National Portrait Gallery, which has centuries of artists' attempts to capture the essence of their sitters -- in a way, I had assembled my own portrait of Alison from her writing. I'm not sure that meeting her in person got me any closer to really knowing her -- we're much more complex creatures than can be grasped through any one meeting or any 400 posts! But I very much enjoyed her company for the afternoon, as did Pater, and I feel quite sure we'd be friends if we lived closer. What am I talking about? We're friends already . . . we just don't see each other often!


  1. Well you trumped me on the garden, I have never seen it before but will hunt it down. Glad you enjoyed the pint, sorry this photo is grim of me! but makes you look pocket sized. I think it was great to 'flesh out' the blog a little and hope you keep in touch. Roll on Vancouver.

  2. You're spoiling us - two for the price of one! That's so great that you two could meet. Did you coordinate outfits beforehand? You both look great with your softly-draped tops and colourful jewellery. Patricia

  3. The gardens are lovely but I have to tell you that where my excitement and enthusiasm are and that is in seeing you two together. I am so happy that you were able to meet and enjoy a day of art( art and Indigo go together).It is a beautiful portrait you have made here, Mater.

    I love what you said:We're friends already . . . we just don't see each other often!" Really nicely said.

  4. Oh i want to have like that garden too.=) Thanks for sharing.And both of you are so pretty,nice necklace too.=)

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  5. Isn't this great, and you are there at the perfect time to see everything blooming up. I love the guerilla and tiny pocket gardens.

  6. Such a beautiful secret garden. Thanks for taking us with you!

  7. How fabulous that you were able to meet and continue the friendship in a different space.

    The gardens are fabulous. You seem to be there at the perfect time.


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