Monday, May 4, 2009

This opera contains nudity . . .

Just a quick update after the weekend, as I'm actually prioritizing my conference paper-writing and I really need to get out for a walk as well.

Mom was well enough to join us for the opera Saturday night. I should have taken photos altho' she hates her wig (to cover her chemo-bald head) so might not have let me -- at 78, she still dresses meticulously from a closet that has consignment-store treasures dating back twenty years or more. That's how old she claimed her elegant black pumps were, worn with a classic knee-length black skirt topped by a black-and-white bouclé jacket. I'd never seen the fabulous deep-red bag she wore, an elegant slim shape, clutch-like but more square, and with graceful leather handles, with discreet gold letters spelling out Dior -- apparently she's also had the purse for twenty years, leading me to wonder what other prizes she has salted away.

As for the opera, Salome, I'll just say that Pater had no regrets about missing the Canucks game taking place a few blocks away -- he felt quite well compensated by the very attractive Mlada Khudoley's performance, which included the dance of the seven veils -- and every one of those veils was removed. Besides the dancing and the toplessness, there was beheading, necrophilia, and an axeman with a very tight posterior and a minimum of clothing (all of it leather). Should you want to convince someone that opera is not boring, rush out to get tickets for this VOA production. If, on the other hand, you're looking to treat your 78-year old mother to an outing . . . . She did say it was very "interesting"! Thank goodness Mom's not a prude when it comes to art, but the many seasons of VOA she and my dad attended never prepared her for such excitement. But excitement might be a good complement to a healing regime -- wonder if her oncologist thought of that.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful night out, especially since your mum could share it with you. But were you squirming in your seat, worried at her reaction? :0) Patricia

  2. Oh dear. Many years ago we took my mom to a performance of something at the Met, I don't recall what, although it was one of her favorites. What I do recall is that there was a good bit of nudity which I had not anticipated. I remember it was a good performance but spent a good part of it worrying about what my mother would think. It was certainly nothing like the Opera she saw in the Dallas of my youth. Happily she took it all rather well

  3. A memorable evening! My mother became far less conservative as she grew older and even told a few jokes she would NEVER have put up with from us! Loved your description of her, now I know where you get your eye.

  4. Marvelous and a funny account! Good for your mom. Sounds like she's doing remarkably well considering.

    I will never forget mom calling her mom, to her face, "a shit disturber." And getting a coy little smile right back. If you knew either one of these ladies, you'd be amazed by this content and language. I believe it was in reference to some other family members (of course)!

  5. He missed nothing with that game - what a gong show.

    Very Tight Posterior is my new band name.

  6. You are way braver than I am. I used to cringe if I saw so much as two people kissing on screen whilst sat with my parents. I am really warming to the idea of Opera.
    Your mothers wardrobe sounds divine

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  8. Patricia, Mardel, Duchesse: I think I was more amused than uncomfortable -- I knew that while it might not be the opera she'd have chosen to see, she was enjoying the whole experience overall.
    Dana, Duchesse: Mine would never use any kind of questionable language, but generally is more tolerant than she might have been when younger -- although she's always been pretty savvy about the goals of art and the role of nudity, sexuality, etc., therein.
    Thomas: I think it could draw the crowds!
    Alison: You should check out an opera or two -- cannot beat it for spectacle, imho, and the music is wonderful.

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