Thursday, May 21, 2009

My bag's are packed, I'm ready to go . . .

Getting the summer wardrobe out of storage, I remembered this favourite combo and was reminded that I did some mixing-and-matching pattern-mixing even before these other bloggers inspired me to do more. I enjoyed wearing it so much this week that I snuck the striped T into my suitcase , even though it wasn't originally in the mix (the scarf was already slated for a trip back to Paris, whence it came). The classic white jean jacket, sadly, would just get too grimy too quickly, so I resisted that extra weight.

I've left my island home, after arranging for pet care, some yard maintenance, keys left for cleaners and visitors. I've packed and re-packed and weighed my bags and unpacked, but I finally got everything crammed into my carry-on.
I took a fairly early ferry over to Vancouver so had lots of time to pick up two daughters and a granddaughter and go visit my mom -- I'm hoping the four-generation photos will turn out well, but haven't uploaded yet.
On my own back at the apartment, I've been re-thinking my packing and taken a pair of shoes out -- I'm leaving the Chuck Taylors behind as well as a cardigan and a pair of skinny jeans which I suspect will be too warm anyway. I'm down to jeans, cotton-linen pants, and a linen skirt, as well as two dresses, two cardigans, two v-neck light cotton sweaters, and many t-shirts. I'm wearing my polka-dot jacket over a very light short black leather jacket onto the plane, so they don't have to be packed. In the suitcase are also scarves, of course, and some jewelry for a bit of variety. Books, as always, are a problem, but I've settled for two mysteries -- Paul can read them as well, and we won't mind leaving them behind when we're done. I'd planned to bring along my summer Dickens reading (David Copperfield) as well, but it was just too heavy.
I may wish I'd brought more by the second week away, but today and tomorrow, manoeuvering on my own on ferries, cabs, plane, and, next week, train, I know I'll be glad I packed light.
Now back to worrying. 'Cause even though everything is packed and ready by the door, and I've called the cab to be here in oodles of time, I know I can find something to fuss about. But there are adventures ahead and I'm looking forward to them. Talk to you soon . . .


  1. And you're off! Have a wonderful trip, good luck with the work portion too. I still marvel at the 'carry-on only' policy! Look forward to reading your posts, take care. Patricia

  2. Have a great time! Looking forward to seeing you in Vancouver at the end of June.

  3. Oh, and love that scarf/striped shirt combo BTW!

  4. I hope you got off ok, I can't see a way to email you my number,
    If you email me I can reply, sorry I left it so late, bloody marking.....

  5. OOoh this will be exciting! Bon voyage and will be checking for any updates you manage and of course the full report eventually.

  6. YAY have fun. Bon voyage mum

  7. Thanks all -- Alison, I've e-mailed you separately. Patricia, we'll have to see how it works out . . .


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