Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Victoria Day (and birthday notes)

Happy Victoria Day, fellow Canucks!

I had a lovely birthday yesterday, treating myself to a pedicure in the morning, then a bit of shopping and people-watching in the sunshine all afternoon, while Pater got dinner together for everyone. He had surprised me a few weeks ago with an early birthday gift, a cobalt-royal blue version of the watch above which I'd seen and loved in the HR catalogue (and which they'd only brought 4 of into the Vanc'r store, apparently, all sold before the catalogue dropped -- Pater had to be persistent to find one for me). Then yesterday he gave me a sweet little Chan Luu bracelet of onyx and tiny silver beads winding helix-like 'round a leather lace. He's getting so good at this gig!
An even bigger surprise when my girls and their guys all got here -- they had bought me an Ipod AND Megan had loaded it with music and with copious photos of family, especially featuring Nola, so that I can be a contemporary version of the photo-wielding grandma. I've been meaning to and meaning to and meaning to get an Ipod for a couple of years now, just never feeling I had the time for the set-up, so this gift really pleases me. I still mean what I told them earlier, though: I didn't need a gift other than the fabulous reality of having them together celebrating with me. We had a great time together and it's so gratifying to see them enjoy each other's company -- and everyone dotes on our little girl. (I'll try to post a few photos tomorrow.)
Today is my last day with Pater here in the apartment before he goes off to Quebec for a week's French practice and I go back home to tick items off lists in preparation for leaving at the end Thursday to head East. (We meet up in Montreal next week and fly to Europe from there). The challenge: trying to keep my shoulders away from my ears. Oh, and also remember to breathe. Travel prep always stresses me out!


  1. Belated happy birthday!!!

    Oh, I'll bet that watch in cobalt blue is gorgeous. And to show you how non-tech savvy I am, I didn't know you could put photos on an Ipod! Now I want one.

    Don't stress out too much about the packing; you always seem to pack so wisely.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday from me too! Those gifts sound wonderful -was Pater this talented from the get-go, or it this the result of 30 years of careful training?! If it's the latter, then there's hope for my husband yet! :0)
    Good luck with all the prep for your trip - do we get a look-see into your travel bag like last year?


  3. And another belated hapy birthday from me! It sounds as if you had a wonderful time.

  4. Well the present sounds amazing, Happy Birthday. What a lovely surprise. It must be lovely to have so much thought go into your gifts, very much deserved and a reflection on you.
    Don't forget to let me know when you are in London so we can meet up. I know you are very busy, do not even TRY to pack light, London currently is hosting most weather conditions daily, Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry and VERY windy!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday. The watch in Blue must be amazing.

    Good luck with the trip prep as well, that is always the hardest part, for me at least.

  6. Happy belated birthday, I am glad to know when it is! What spectacular gifts given with such affection. Now you can time your presentation, cope with changing time zones, show family pictures and unwind to music!

  7. Pseu: The photos were a very recent discovery for me and the thing that convinced me I wanted an Ipod.
    Patricia: It's been a long, careful, patient training period -- would you believe 35 years!? (our anniversary's in August) As for the packing, I'm hoping to show some photos if I get a minute in the next few days.
    Lesley: Thanks! It was a lovely day.
    Alison: I'll e-mail you or leave a note on your blog in the next day or so. And thanks for the packing tips -- this time of year is always a challenge because of that changeability.
    Mardel: It's definitely not a quiet little watch!
    Duchesse: I'll certainly be well-equipped, won't I?! Just hope I have a chance to get acquainted with the technology before I leave -- altho' as long as I know how to charge it, everything else I can work out as we go, I suppose.

  8. Happy belated bday to you!!! The watch is beautiful. The colour sounds amazing. Pictures, please.

    You are a fantastic packer. I remember your post from last year. Fret not and enjoy this birthday week. Keep celebrating!!

  9. Thanks LBR. Watch can be seen in the next post.
    My big problem with the packing is always in editing -- I always want to bring along all my favourites!

  10. Ohhh, catching up on blogs and I missed your day.

    Happy belated birthday!! An iPod is perfect for you, and pre-loaded no less. Yay!


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