Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh, what a lucky woman she was (with apologies to Emerson, Lake & Palmer)

Oh, I have so much to show you and tell you, and I know I promised to do Mardel's meme, but let me just show you a few photos for now and tomorrow, when I get back from the dentist, I'll write more and show you my new bag which I love.
First off, my weekend started Friday morning with some pampering from my hair stylist -- since the weather was great with dry, sunny days scheduled to continue, she straightened my hair for a different look. Sadly, this photo, taken by me at arm's length, doesn't show the fun red highlights, but I admit I'm always mesmerized by seeing myself with straight hair -- so many people show up in that face! sisters, aunts, mothers, brothers . . . It's a fascinating experiment in defamiliarization.
Here's another shot with the jacket off, revealing another foray into the pattern mixing inspired by other bloggers -- I'm having fun with this and have gone a ways out of my comfort zone thanks to Karen, Pseu, and academichics, among othersThe gorgeous orange lilies you see above and below were waiting in our Vanc'r apartment to keep me company 'til Pater finished work. From then on, we just made the most of each other's company and the superlative spring weather -- it was 20 degrees (that's Celsius, of course) in Vancouver today, so delightful!
Beautiful as the lilies were, they didn't have a pristine blue sky to set them off as did this flowering cherry tree just down the hillor this magnificently magenta magnolia opening just across the street. (I'm not sure which I prefer on a magnolia -- the sumptuous flowers themselves or the sensuously tawny buds).
And after all the weekend's magic, one final gift was making the ferry at Horseshoe Bay with only minutes to spare, the second last vehicle loaded onto a full boat AND that ferry (which offered this vista of imminent sunset) getting in on time for me to catch my little ferry over to my island, again with only minutes to spare. AHHhhhhhh, life is good.


  1. 1. That's a great haircut that works for both curly and straight hair!
    2. Great scarf and mix with the top.
    3. Love the spring blossoms! Those are some beautiful pictures. Here in LA, we get intermittent blossoms from January (flowering plums) until May (Jacarandas).

  2. I love the hair straightened. Mind you, I'm a huge fan of curly hair, but this is an interesting look for you as well.

    The pattern mixing is going very well. Keep it up!

  3. Pseu: I envy you the jacarandas -- I saw them for the first time when we arrived in Lisbon last spring and just fell in love. For days, I was trying to find someone who could tell me what they were, these stunning purple flowers against the bright blue Lisbon sky. When do they bloom in LA? One of these years, I'll have to come check them out!
    Gina: Thanks -- I really like the change to the straight hair as well. When it's as short as it is now in the back, it's hard for me to do myself, but I try once in a while. And speaking of trying, thanks for the encouragement re the pattern mixing -- it's multiplying my wardrobe, at any rate!

  4. Wow, I like the straight hair! And how nice to have a haircut that looks fabulous curly or straight.

    The pattern mixing is nice too, you really seem to be getting a flare for that.

  5. I love your hair curly, you know I do. But, wowza, this is a fun and saucy change. LOVE it!!!

  6. I wish I could curl my hair to similar results.

    Just bought tickets to Paris! Will now hound you mercilessly for info!

  7. Mardel: I have to say I love this haircut and only wonder why it took me so long to find it.
    LBR: Thanks -- saucy? Me?
    Thomas: Yeah!!! When are you going? We'll be there from June 7th to 17th. Oh, you'll have such a good time!

  8. I hardly recognized you- what a versatile cut!

  9. This blog is becoming a library of gorgeous images! Flowers, yarns, clothing, landscapes, darling kids. And hairdos. Terrific cut/color! I might experiment with slightly darker and more shaped brows, were I you. Although they are a pain to maintain, and I'm as guilty as anyone!

  10. Mater, I cannot believe how fantastic you are doing with your patterns. Unbelievable. The hair is gorgeous. I like your family in curls tho....

  11. Thanks, Karen! I hoped you'd approve of my pattern experimenting since you're the one who inspired it.

  12. Wow - great haircut!

    Love the flowers too!


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