Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sun on the Water, Spirits Rising

Today is scheduled to be rainy and grey as are most of the next five days. Right now, I look across the water and see low marine cloud enfolding the north end of Gabriola, and the line you see in these photos between dark sky and water is narrowing. But ten minutes ago, the sun was still promising cheer and I believed. . .
The lights you can see on the left near the horizon are not lights, but rather boats lit up by, reflecting, the sun -- they were dazzling!

Such a beautiful beginning to the day -- I thought it worth celebrating. Yesterday, I walked to work and back, my first "exercise" since I got sick, and that felt great, especially since most of my walk was in sunshine -- I'm sooooo ready for spring. And I see it's almost ready for me, too, and it's presented me with new blooms -- I noticed that daffodils have opened around the garden, along with some scilla and omphaloides and who knows what else. . . I'm going to get out there with the camera in any patches of sun that come along this weekend.
Oh, and I heard frogs peeping away like crazy the other night biking home in the dark (I was biking, not the frogs), and that's always a good sign. The flickers have stopped drumming away for mates which likely means nests are being filled with eggs by now, and I noticed the herons clustering near the rookery. So the whole crazy circle's taking another spin -- bring it on, I say!


  1. It's supposed to snow tomorrow (Sat.). It's cool. I'll just laugh into the wind.

  2. Snow, Thomas . . . . Snow!? wtf?! I mean, really, we're on the West Coast for a reason, and it's truly letting us down, isn't it!


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