Monday, March 23, 2009

and it's getting better . . . .

I was wrong about the bronchitis -- Pater insisted I visit a drop-in clinic on Saturday, and the perfunctory-doesn't-begin-to-describe-it doctor diagnosed a sinus infection. Today's my third day on antibiotics and I'm actually able to stay awake most of the day -- a huge improvement!
In fact, we were even able to sneak in a visit with Nola, knowing I wasn't infectious the way I'd feared. Can you see how quickly she's turning into a real little person (and a very gorgeous one, at that, according to Nana!)? She's turned from back to tummy and, while we were there, flipped from tummy to back. I warned Bronwen and Adam that she'll be flipping herself from one end of the livingroom to another within a few weeks -- unstoppable fun, on the move!
Yesterday's travels back home were tiring, with a one-sailing wait which turned the trip into a 6-hour commute and left me tired this morning. I was so tempted to wear my tough-funky-comfortable flat Fiorentino & Baker boots, a denim skirt, and a black t-neck and tights, no-nonsense, no-thinking, clothes-for-the sick. Instead, I realized I could fake front-of-the-classroom energy with heels, a dress, and a bit of red scarf.
I thought after you were so helpful in giving me feedback on my pattern-mixing proposals, I should show you that I actually took the mix out of the house.

I have to say that I did borrow some energy from the clothes, and really, it was a simple and easy trick -- after all, what's easier to throw on than a dress, and wrapping the scarf round my neck was no challenge. Both dress and heels somehow convince people I'm "dressed up" and their conviction fuels my confidence which in turn . . . . well, you know! I'm hoping to gradually ease back to full workload through the week and get caught up on marking and preparation for the final exams, but for tonight, I'm indulging in one more Angel-o-rama. . .


  1. Oh that Nola!!! She's adorable and is going to be a force of nature.

    Your scarf/dress mix is fab! Glad to hear you're on the mend. I'm a convert to the dress-better/feel-better philosophy; it really does work.

  2. My ENT brother says, "With a sinus infection, people want to eat the rug", which is a pretty good gauge of the agony. SO glad you're getting well! And Nola is such a cutie-pie!

  3. Thanks, Pseu and Duchesse, I'm glad to be mending, moving away from the constant whining I feel I've been stuck in -- soon it will be all positive all the time 'round here ;-)

  4. Oh glad you are getting better. Yes sometimes it is nice to borrow some energy from cheery clothes. Sinus infections are terrible -- for years I had a big one every year, luckily not for a few years now. Hope that saying that didn't jinx me.

  5. Mardel: Uh-oh! I'll cross my fingers, knock on wood, throw some salt over my shoulder to ward off the bad luck you may have invited -- 'cause you're right, sinus infections are not nice, and I hope you keep on avoiding them!

  6. Nola is so cute!

    You look great in that outfit - and I love that when you look great it helps you feel better and more confident (or at least convinces others that you are).

  7. Thanks, Imogen! Must be wonderful to work in a field where you help women gain that kind of confidence.

  8. look how blue the complementary red makes your eyes look!


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