Sunday, February 1, 2009

comfort wear in winter

We had a bit of sunshine on Saturday, but then quickly back to this grey bleakness. This freighter anchored just off our beach fits into the colour scheme with its brooding blue. Closer in, as below, you can see the slash of red at the water line, but it's a sombre picture overall. So we need some colour, don't you think? And some comfort in the form of soft flannelette? And hey, if it could have crisp white piping with a neat pocket and buttons that will never, ever have to be sewn on again, wouldn't that be even better? Like, say, BedHead pj's, my favourite ever. . . and if I got them at the Further Reduced early-January price . . . Score! They sell these for about $160-180 before Christmas -- that would be a bit much for me to pay for pjs, but I can't say they're not worth it. These are my fourth pair and I love the quality, the weight of the cotton, the perky charm of the prints. So I'm even happier to have nabbed his pair at $79 -- at cost per wearing, these will be a crazy bargain and they really do lift me out of the winter doldrums -- from top to bottom of this post, it's like moving from black-and-white to Technicolour, from winter to spring.

Do I know how to get some cheer and warmth into a winter's day, or what?
What about you? Pjs, nightie, a favourite old t-shirt of his -- what's your comfort?


  1. Hot baths keep me going when my house is too chilly. Also, Mr. Ripley gave me some very cozy fleece pajamas for lounging in. As an aside, I have a lovely Bedhead robe, but that's for Spring-Fall lounging as it's a pretty, knee-length cotton number.

  2. I love those PJs the stripes are fantastic. I love men style pjs in crisp cottons for summer. In winter I tend to be less lovely and go for fleece and even sweatshirts, pas chic.

  3. I'm still wearing my flannel pj bottoms with t-shirts. Custom made for me, by me.

    Love the Bedheads you got! The colors are so cheerful.

  4. Mater - if you ever come to LA to visit, I'll take you to the Bedhead store (yes, an entire store full of these lovely PJ's!) near me.

    I'm loving my Wintersilks pajamas and my (now old) slippers from Celtic Sheepskin. I live in those at home during cooler times.

  5. !. LL Bean sheepskin moccasins in ruby red
    2. Big cashmere shawl
    3. To sleep: flannel nightgowns, LL Bean (I find pjs too grabby)
    and warming up by sitting or working near our big blue Aga stove.

    Stay cozy!

  6. Those do look cozy - never heard of that brand. Will have to look it up! Hope they sell just bottoms. I wear PJs, but just the bottoms. Many a lovely PJ set I have passed by because I won't wear the tops.

    Around the house coziness? "Nice" sweats (sweat material but in a good cut) and a t-shirt, a sweatshirt of sweater if chilly :)

  7. I have two pairs of Bedheads: flannel for winter and pima for spring. And I want to get my hands on a little shift for summer to go with my Liberty London kimono (shameless namedropping!).

  8. I find that I'm only really comfortable when I'm slightly uncomfortable. Never been much of a pyjama man.

  9. Miss R: I've found them a hard label to track down in Vanc'r. HR used to carry them but doesn't seem to. Scarlet has them at Christmas but not otherwise. I think B said you pick them up sometimes at Hill's?
    LBR: My summer pj's are pretty sketchy, improvisational, but in winter I really want comfort.
    Nancy: Really, pj bottoms are a perfect item to sew 'cause you can get the quality you want for a decent price with all kinds of variety in fabric. I still say you should make yourself silk ones though!
    Pseu: It's a date, some year! (I swear by sheepskin slippers as well, although mine are First Nations-made (native-Am.)
    Duchesse: Ah! an Aga! perfect, and blue with your ruby slippers, yes!
    Funny, I find the nightgown too "grabby" and can't stand how they ride up.
    Jillian: I got used to wearing a good solid Pj top with strategically-placed pockets from my son's teenage years. There were always young men appearing at the breakfast table and a t-shirt wasn't modest enough, if you know what I mean. These were a good solution.
    Miss C: Oh, I really want a pair of pima Bedheads now that you dangle that possibility. And I love the idea of a kimono in a Liberty print. Hmmmm, I'll be in England this spring, maybe that should be on my shopping list . . .
    Thomas: here's to discomfort, then! (and oaties!)

  10. I will roll comments for two post into one as I ended up taking an unexpected hiatus.
    I feel for your work load, I have always struggled to mark the written work and so last Friday managed to mark 3, 3000 word essays in 3 hours, it takes forver.
    I have about eight projects of my own simmering on the back boiler, I always think 'next week' but next week brings yet more marking and parents evenings and so on.
    As for what I wear in bed, well after a visit to my GP yesterday I am now officially Menopausal so as I combust most nights, I wear nothing, how cheap is that? I would love to loaf around at breakfast in a beautiful Kimono, but reality is a 16 year old fleece dressing gown, combined with an even sadder pair of slippers!


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