Thursday, December 18, 2008

more snow scenes

Clearing a path to the gate this morning, I couldn't resist darting back in for my camera . . . pristine snow confers beauty on the simplest objects


  1. I know it isn't fun for you to get around in, but I'm so enjoying your snow, or rather your pictures of it. The thing I love best about snowy landscapes is the quiet; every sound seems muffled.

  2. Your winter snow scenes are absolutely fantastic. We had sleet yesterday. And there was snow on the beach at Malibu.

  3. Oh the pictures of snow are so beautiful. This is the best of snow, perfect little vignettes. We are expecting snow tomorrow, but I am not sure it will be this pretty.

  4. Pseu: I went for a long walk in it today and I do love the quiet scrunching of snow underfoot -- and the light it throws!
    LBR: Really! So the cold snap's really extending south.
    Mardel: I do love the vignettes this weather offers up to the camera, the first day or so anyway. I'm sure you're bundling up -- stay warm!

  5. And all the while all I get is rain... I am very green as usual have a lovely Christmas


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