Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas shopping

So there's me, Saturday morning, heading out for some Christmas shopping. Flat boots so I can put in the shopping miles comfortably, light coat which will break the wind and fend off the rain but won't be too heavy/warm in the shops, beret which does ditto but tucks away in my purse . . . I'm all set. So how many Christmas gifts did I cross off my list? Well, let's see, I did some very efficient shopping at Harry Rosen, but I can't be too specific 'cause you-know-who might be listening in.

And then I just had to check out Holt Renfrew which is generally too pricey for me, but guess what? Big, big sales. So big that I bought myself a Helmut Lang black wool sweater dress at something over 30% off. Delete the turtleneck/hood below, and unfortunately, you can't really see the cool detailing -- I'm very happy with this find as I've been craving a sweater dress for the comfort and warmth even as I wonder if I'm too old to wear these anymore. The detailing on this (wavy fabric-on-fabric folds), the great cut, and the quality of the fabric, I think, makes this classic-elegant rather than sloppy, and somehow my middle looks decent enough in it. Because I'm short, the length is reasonable, although it is a few inches above my knees. This is a great dress to style up or down, and I know I'll get much wear from it over the next year or two.

And do you remember when I wrote about this skirt?

I spotted it last summer -- coup de foudre, absolument! but resisted it not only because of the price but also because they didn't have it in my size? Well, they must have brought sizes in from other stores and they were all marked down to a less gasp-worthy price, still higher than I would ever otherwise pay, but I knew I had to at least try it on. Besides how gorgeous the fabric is, this skirt has beautifully deep pleats, it has pockets (! I love pockets!), AND it's got rows of horizontal pleat-tucks through the 6-inch waistband -- it is high-waisted enough that there's nothing at all to bulge where it stops (gotta love that!) and it disguises the brevity of my own waist. In short, not to be resisted. Reader, I bought it.

So you can see that I'm doing my bit to keep the economy going -- although seriously, I'm doing my best to resist the call to junky consumerism. I'm looking for quality, even if I have to go smaller and fewer -- I stocked up, for example, on beautiful soaps, beautifully boxed, by Claus Porto, as very reasonably-priced ($20 for a very large bar; $13 for regular size) girlfriend/hostess/whatever gifts.

How's your own Christmas gifting going? One for me, one for him, two for me, one for her? Or are you sticking to that list pretty closely?


  1. I always manage to find something I love when gift shopping, especially around the holidays! All the sales! Plus, I'm out and about shopping, which isn't something I do all that often - therefore I am blissfully unaware of said goods.

    But I also try to be mindful of "junk consumerism" - great phrase.

  2. Oh, what a delightful story about the skirt, it's so beautiful! Meant to be!
    And you can not have too many black dresses you love. We also enjoy Porto soaps- the packages as much as the soaps.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you got the skirt! It is indeed swoon-worthy. The dress sounds fabulous as well.

    I hit the jackpot at Saks on Saturday (can you say "prices 80% - yes EIGHTY percent - off the original???) But I'm going to post about these in the next couple of days so don't want to spoil the surprise.

  4. Oh I am so happy you got the skirt. Sometimes certain stores do that, consolidate items in the most likely market at sales time. I have been fortunate that way once or twice.

  5. Jillian: That's the thing -- you're doing the shopping, having a look, how can you help find a few things you like yourself? And with the sales, it's hard to resist.
    Duchesse: I've been taping the packages back up and keeping them in a basket on the counter, they're just so pretty!
    Pseu: 80%!! Now that's a serious sale -- can't wait to see what you got.
    Mardel: I'm pleased too -- right place, right time, meant to be!

  6. When you say Christmas shopping are you talking about the black velvet jacket I bought? If so, it went great.

    I LOVE that dress, that skirt and your black ensemble with that GORGEOUS red bag. I cannot wait to see you in pictures of your presents.

  7. The skirt is stunning and, as you said, not to be passed on.

  8. Lbr: so that black velvet jacket is a nice little extra after the TWO PAIRS of Fabulous New Shoes!!! I'd say you're a very efficient Christmas shopper.
    Thomas: Thank you!

  9. I am mad for Claus Porto's wrappings! (The soaps were one of my earliest blog posts.) I'd buy one of everything and never unwrap them--just place them in a row somewhere and mix and match weekly as if I were piecing and repiecing a quilt.

  10. Miss C: Even Pater (who's not generally inclined to contemplate the small details of decorating) remarked that the empty boxes might look good filling up a big glass vase on the bathroom counter.

  11. I just posted another small entry on Claus Porto--and books! I may have to indulge in some soaps soon . . .


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