Monday, November 17, 2008

wardrobe inspiration from Nature

You remember my recently-knit silk scarf, don't you? I thought I'd show you how closely related its colours are to my surroundings. Here's the beach in front of our house:

This yew tree trunk has more red in it, especially in the sunlight, but there are patches that echo the scarf's tones. I love this palette, with the soft yellow in the foreground and the contrasting greens in the background.And I love this new metallic leather cuff I found, very Chanel-like, which manages to be earthy and metallic at the same time (which makes sense, I s'pose, since metals come from . . . well, you know!).

I had a wonderful time in Vancouver this past weekend -- art gallery, shopping, great food, good run, movies-and-snuggling, lunch with an about-to-burst daughter, visiting in the dog park with another daughter and her cute little pup, all the good stuff. But the highlight had to be the meal my daughter, the sous-chef, cooked for us at her restaurant -- seven courses, three wine pairings, amazing! I'll tell you the details in my next post.
Meanwhile, if you're interested, I rather like what I wrote over here. Come visit, if you have a minute.


  1. Mater, these pictures are gorgeous. I can imagine seeing them in a magazine. Really. I love the way you showed the colours and textures in nature and then had the scarf out in the midst of nature---and I LOVE it next to the bird( and for a second I thought the bird was real and that is perfect for the story you are telling with these images).
    p.s. I have started my L.A. story photo series that you and Indigo have inspired. As soon as I have more photos I will start posting them.

  2. I love the photos you post of the area around your house, so beautiful. Speaking of which, that cuff is so gorgeous!

  3. You live amid such natural beauty! Please tell us the moment your grandchild is here.

  4. That cuff is so smooth and gorgeous, I just love it.

    I really enjoy coming here and reading your thoughts about your surroundings. The photos are really lovely, too.

  5. Absolutely beautiful...scarf, landscape, and bracelet! When we move home, we are thinking of moving to BC..if you ever thinking of selling, call me!

    I have started knitting again, after years of not knitting, and in spite of pain in my hands. I am just doing small things, slowly, and I had forgotten how soothing I found knitting. Wish me luck on my first lace scarf!

    Best wishes for your daughter and the baby!


  6. I think it's an interesting project to dress to match your surroundings.

    At which restaurant does your daughter work?

  7. LBR: Despite having put that bird in place myself and despite having looked at it for a few years now, I occasionally catch myself seeing a real crow there -- Leanne (the artist) really captured its essential birdness!
    I'm really looking forward to seeing some LA through your eyes.
    Thanks Cybill, Duchesse -- and yes, I'll send out baby news as soon as it happens!
    Enc: Thanks -- the cuff was $30, a steal, no? And I'm glad you enjoy the "view from here" aspect of my blog. I sometimes think I'm too eclectic, but that's my life, I guess.
    Christine: Where is "away"? Did you tell me before, and I've forgotten? My knitting sometimes aggravates injuries, but I get so much pleasure and stress relief from it, that so far, it's worth the tradeoff.
    Thomas: She's at The Raincity on Denman -- if you stop in (she works the dinner shift), let her know you're a friend of mine and she'll do her best for you (of course, all guests get the bests, but some get a little extra as well!) If you do plan to go, e-mail me for her name (she doesn't really go by Girlcook!)so you can say "hi"

  8. Sorry Mater, for leaving no explanation. I am a Canadian expat, living in NY. We moved here 7 years ago (September 1, 2001) and though we are somewhat "settled" here, we still avidly wait for the day we can come home to Canada.

    I think if we actually lived in NYC, things would be easier for us, but with a 14 year old, suburbia is better (and cheaper).


  9. Christine: No need to apologize, but it's interesting to hear where commenters write from. New York is a place I'd love to get back to, but of course I'm thinking of the city -- no idea what the suburbs are like -- suspect they're much the same all over N. America.

  10. Mater,

    The scarf is beautiful. I too love the colors of nature. Fall is my favorite because the trees here are breathtakingly beautiful. I see they are also where you are.

  11. Thanks, Julianne. We've had an especially colourful fall this year -- often it rains so much that the leaves get soggy and fall before putting on much of a show. I'm assuming you're in the East somewhere -- I've seen the fall colour in Quebec and it's stunning!

  12. Oh the scarf is beautiful and so perfect with the landscape in the photos. I love how the colors capture the essence of the colors of the place. I too thought for a moment the bird was real, the artist certainly did capture that essential "crowness" didn't she?

    And the cuff is a clever and beautiful find.

  13. Thanks Mardel -- I'm really pleased with the scarf's way of pulling together colours that surround me.


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