Friday, November 21, 2008

Waiting for Someone Important I Haven't Met Yet

You'll have to forgive me for being a bit distracted right now. I still intend to tell you about the marvellous meal we had last weekend, thanks to my daughter and the restaurant she works at. I also want to remember and record the movies we watched and say something about WACK, the show of feminist art currently at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

But my first grandchild was due on Monday, and all week I've had my bag packed and in the trunk of the car in town so that I can head over at a moment's notice. Today I have a hair appointment -- it's for cut, colour AND highlights, and my stylist books 6 to 7 weeks in advance. If I have to cancel this one, I'll be a grey grandma, at least at the roots, 'cause I don't see how Ronae will find time for me, especially as we're moving into holiday season, very busy at the salons. So my bets were actually on today as Baby's ETA (you know, greatest-inconvenience-factor and all), but so far I haven't heard anything. I'm going to cross my fingers and get ready to head out for my hour or two of pampering, and then take the ferry to Vancouver and wait with Pater. (My students, by the way, are disappointed with My Daughter, even though they don't know her -- they'd counted on her labour getting them at least one cancelled class, but as we only have two classes left and I just keep showing up, they've resigned themselves. I suspect they're cynically betting Baby won't be born 'til classes are over completely.)

But while I'm metaphorically pacing, I did post a poem over at my other blog -- I'd love to hear what you think of it. I suspect the selection will surprise you -- I surprised myself with how much I've enjoyed this work, given my usual interests. You'll see what I mean.


  1. Is it that time already? Seems like you just announced! Pace pace pace :)

  2. How is your daughter feeling? It's hard once the official date passes even though everyone knows it's just a guess. A momentous occasion, I'll check back frequently for news!

  3. Oh wow, I somehow thought baby was due later in December! I went to 42 weeks and everyday my father would phone and ask if anything was happening. Poor parents, they came home early from a trip because my due date was March 30, and my son was born on April 17.

    So good luck with the waiting! No matter what, you will look beautiful to baby.

    Good luck, God speed for a swift delivery and good health for Mommy and baby.


  4. Oh how is the mommy-to-be doing. I remember when my grandson (step-grandson) was born, and I was in San Francisco at a sewing "camp". I knew I might be called away so I had packed for both events and I was so excited when the call came. I bought Champagne for all the sewing ladies and caught the next flight across the country back to Tennessee. That was one of the happiest and tiredest couple of weeks. I remember so poignantly how DSD had said don't hurry, we'll be fine before baby came, and the teary call after she was home, just 3 hours after the birth begging please come soon. I remember walking around holding that crying baby while his parents tried to sleep, to tired myself to do anything but recite the prologue to The Canterbury Tales (in middle english of course).

    Good luck and much happiness to come.

  5. How exciting! I'll be checking in for more news. You and Pater must be so excited. Hope all goes well. Patricia

  6. Thank you all, I'll pass your good wishes along. Bronwen's doing well, still fairly comfortable, but in that strange post-40-week phase where you're waiting for something that will render everything else you do each day quite irrelevant, really, yet you don't know when it will happen and have to go on patiently moving through all those irrelevant daily activities. None of my four were less than four days late; my last was just over 3 weeks, so I know the territory. As Christine can testify, it's an odd place to be! But within days, this waiting will be over and a new phase of all our lives will begin. I'll let you know when!

  7. Mardel: Really? in Middle English? I'm impressed! Does babe, as a result, show any predilection for literature as he grows? ;-)

  8. I somehow missed this post yesterday. Here's hoping you'll get that call tomorrow!


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