Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Comfort or Attitude, Sensible or Sexy? Why Choose?!

You remember these, right? The Michael Kors booties (shooties?) I feel in love with several weeks ago and decided would probably be comfortable as well as lend some attitude and just be generally, well, sexy? Okay, I admitted it, not so much comfy (still, lots of attitude, lots of sexy!). No regrets. I still love these and do manage to wear them, just strategically. And the bit of wear I've got out of them has convinced me that I really need a pair of booties in my shoe wardrobe, but ones I can walk in.

I found the perfect ones, unbelievably comfortable -- I could walk kilometres and kilometres in these, maybe even in Paris (except that it's usually too warm when we go) -- I think they pass the test.
Want to see how misguided I was, though, when I fell in love with Sadist Pair #1 (now that's going to get me some search-hits!)? The Fluevog Operetta Giulia has a 2 1/2 inch heel -- about what I first convinced myself the Michael Kors had (yes, I actually saw these booties, loved them, but sensibly went away to think about them, came back days later to see them, noticed the heel might be a bit higher than I thought, but still bought them) -- see, I really focussed on how the heel is at the instep, where it's actually about 3/4 inch lower than at the back of the shoe.

And look at the difference in what I'll call the rise, having no idea what the technical term might be. MK booties, lots of attitude, not so comfy.

Fluevog Operetta Giulia -- still lots of attitude AND they're comfy -- the rubber sole is so shock-absorbing, you'll bounce, really!
And if you want to see some fabulously Parisian shooties that a very lucky Femme picked up at 20% off, scoot over now to Une Femme d'un Certain Age for a peek. Happy Tuesday! Happy shoe-dreaming . . .


  1. Oh, I love the Fluevogs! Sassy!!

  2. I am so glad you got both. Really, they are so different and both are great. I do hope in time that the Michael Kors might become more comfortable in time.

  3. Thanks, Pseu. Sassy's a great word for a shoe!
    LBR: Glad you approve -- what would I do without my blogverse enablers?! And the MKs are not that bad -- I can wear them to teach a few classes, just not to walk city blocks in. Plus every woman should probably have a pair of shoes that look good enough to inspire her guy to "bring the car 'round", no?

  4. I say both ftw.

    Did you know that heels were first used to make men look taller? Men were just trouble back then.

  5. thank you Thomas! High praise, and so much better than wtf!
    You know, some of you men are still trouble -- often the ones we like best!

  6. The operettas are perfect. You know, you can take the others to the shoe man and see if he can cut the heels down!

  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Karen, and for the approval of the Operettas. I'm not sure if I'd lower the heels of the MKs though -- part of the attitude comes from those death-defying heights! no pain, no gain?

  8. Oh my oh my! But the attitude of the two shoes is so different. I still drool over the MKs and am secretly glad that you can still use them, even if not to walk blocks. The Fluevogs are pretty sassy for walking shoes.

  9. Mardel: Isn't it surprising how different the two are, given that a superficial definition might suggest similarity? I'm committed to wearing the MKs when I can and they get a bit easier to wear each time I do. But the Fluevogs are amazing for walkability -- you have to try them to believe!


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