Thursday, October 23, 2008

Brought to You by the Number Eleven

Realized with a "Yikes" when looking at Julianne's recent post that I haven't yet done the little meme homework that Une Femme gave me before she went to Paris. So I'm catching up, and here you are: Eleven Things About Me.

1. Clothes Shop: Aritzia on Robson Street in Vancouver; Banana Republic; and a little boutique called From A to Zebra, right here in my little city, Nanaimo.

2. Furniture Shop: not so much . . . I only browse when we're looking for something specific, and then it would be either something clean-lined contemporary, generally wood, or antique, except that we do have leather clubby comfort furniture as well. So, eclectic?

3. Sweet: pumpkin cheesecake

4. City: Paris, Vancouver, Montreal, willing to add other favourites as I discover them

5. Drink: red wine, single-malt Scotch, occasionally a Negroni

6. Music: wide range of classical, blues, jazz, rock

7. TV Series: Grey's Anatomy is the only show I try to catch while on TV, otherwise I'm catching up on DVDs to The Wire (fabulous, witty, gritty, great acting--has it all!), Heroes (goofy fun!) Lost (ditto), liked Dexter and MadMen but will have to wait now for another season to come out on DVD -- and of course Buffy and Angel, which I'm working through for the third time . . .

8. Film: That's too tough -- I could never just pick one, and the ones that tend to be memorable are not necessarily ones I loved the most. Sorry, but I'm going to bail on this one . . .

9. Workout: Running and Pilates, plus lifestyle dictates much walking and some cycling daily.

10. Pastries: macarons at Ladurée in Paris and the brioche Royale at Mon Petit Choux right here in downtown Nanaimo.

11. Coffee: Tall decaf Americano, but I only bother at places that roast regularly and often and where the coffee is really good (not Starbucks!). Love espresso in Paris and don't worry about the caffeine there, and really loved the bica in Lisbon (very strong espresso). We mostly drink tea at home -- loose leaf, my own blend of Russian Caravan and Lapsang Souchong, very picky about scalding the pot first, using just-freshly-boiling water, leaving the leaves loose in the pot for fullest flavour, and steeping sufficiently. I drink it with milk, no sugar, and try to restrict myself to two big bone china mugs a day (it's on the banned list, really, as is coffee, thanks to reflux).


  1. Love your description of tea-making the old-fashioned (proper!) way. Of course, that's how I learned to make tea, but, sadly, I have now gone over to the dark side - tea bags! However, only black tea with lemon flavour, Lipton brand here, but they were hard to find in Canada. I still put milk in my tea, despite the lemon flavour - such a philistine! Patricia

  2. I heart pumpkin cheesecake!! Do you make your own or buy it?

  3. Patricia: I know what you mean -- although I very occasionally enjoy a good cup of Earl Grey without milk, and ditto for any Oolong, I generally find tea more comforting with a good dollop of milk. Dates back to my childhood and my good 'ol Yorkshire dad!
    LBR: I have made it, but not very often ('cause I'd just be tempted to eat it, y'know?!). Lucky enough on our Cdn. Thanksgiving to have my daughter's friend as a dinner guest and she brought one she made -- she's a regular invitee only partly 'cause of her personality; much is due to her dessert-baking skills;-)

  4. Well anyone who drinks a negroni usually proves to be pretty interesting. Red wine, single malt scotch and negroni's! How did you know my favorites? Well except I still have a weakness for good bourbon too, it is the southerner in me that won't quite die.

  5. Mardel: We're kindred spirits of the drink! Perhaps I'd better cultivate a soft spot for bourbon as well?


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