Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Red for the Weasel

In honour of La Belette Rouge's recent 200th post, I have obediently complied with her request that I buy something red, and yesterday went into my favourite local boutique (which we're lucky to have in this small city of 85,000) and ordered this

You can't tell, but it's 12 inches by 8.25 by 6, and it's this perfect blue-based red. This is the smaller bag, only 5 and a bit inches high, the one I've admired in the shop for some time, but I decided I needed a bit more carrying capacity. The bags are made by a Calgary company (Adrian Klis at Canada Leathers) from primarily Italian leathers, and the women in the shop say their own stand up to all kinds of conditions and just get better and better looking, with the one proviso that they should not be sprayed. (It looks as if you could order directly from this company, and the price on the website is less than I paid but doesn't include shipping -- I wouldn't go 'round the backs of the women who found this for me, but since you're not in Nanaimo anyway . . .)

At $329, I think mine's a steal, especially with the great hardware and even little brass feet for keeping it out of (very shallow!) puddles. The interior is not full of organizers, only one zippered pouch on one wall, but I'm okay with that as I've been organizing myself with small, light bags. There's a simple shoulder strap which wouldn't be adequate for long walks but good enough for getting hands free while shopping or whatever. It won't arrive for a few weeks, but when it does, I'll have to take it out for a drink in honour of Belette's 200th. You're welcome, my dear! Anything else you need me to buy?


  1. Wow!!!!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!! I am so delighted you got yourself such a lovely treat and I am thrilled that I inspired it. I am going to assign shopping more frequently. You are really good at it!! That leather looks like red butter.

    As much as I love "our" bag---I love even more that I have gotten to know you over the last year. I hope that now that I am in the west coast we will get to have a meet-up and when we do you must bring the lovely red bag with you.

    Thanks for the very kind shout out and for getting yourself a red goody. I love it!!!!
    Big hugs,

  2. Ooh, lovely bag! I'm off to check out their website.

  3. Well you know, LBR, I live to serve! And as I say, if you need me to buy (myself) anything else, well, I'll be as obliging as I can.
    As for a future west coast meet-up, I'm looking forward very much to it happening eventually. Let's see, you and Pseu could come visit me on my wee island next summer -- I'll practise my Mojito-making. And while I've no burning desire to visit L.A. again, I've never been to San Francisco or San Diego or San Jose. Further north, I'd go back to Portland in a heartbeat, especially if you good people choose the right man in the next while.
    Pseu: let me know if you find anything you like

  4. Oh, it is SO beautiful, and even has the added plus of buying locally. Love bags witougt doodads and tassels and logos, just fine leather... this is perfect. Enjoy!

  5. Thanks Duchesse. I don't have it yet, but can't wait for it to arrive and cheer my spirits.

  6. I think that you have managed to purchase the bag of MY dreams. If you find that you don't get along too well, you know where to send it .....

  7. Cybill: I'm still waiting for the bag, so really, it's still the bag of MY dreams. Once I have it in my hands, if I'm not perfectly satisfied, I'll remember you. But honestly, what are the chances? ;-)

  8. woman, that is one beautiful bag! i love bags. true to my style/nature/self, i do not collect them by any means. i own 2. 2 perfect bags. but i appreciate and admire bags immensely. not many bags, actually, but the ones i do like, i obsess over. very few out there are any good, in my opinion. this one is absolutely wonderful. wonderful wonderful. i am keeping the link to the company and the next time i am in the market for a bag - i would expect this to be perhaps in 3 or 5 years...i will look them up. now you HAVE to, for me, please please please, post when you get this bag, and show pictures of the interior! brass feet=love, red color=love, beautiful leather=love, nice proportions=love, top handle=lovelove.

  9. I'm not a bag collector, either, at least, not as I am with shoes. I need a bag to work with almost everything 'cause I don't have much time or patience for switching back and forth. My current high-use bag is a beautifully soft chocolate brown leather big shoulder pouch I got on sale from Banana Republic 2 years ago. In the summer, I also sometimes use a big straw Roxy bag with leather handles that I got about 4 summers ago. All of them, I can imagine myself using for another 3 or 4 years, at least.

    And thanks for all the pleases (that's a weird concept) -- an excuse to show off my bag again. I've got it now so I'll try to come up with some pics soon. (altho' I don't think the interior will inspire the same "love" as the brass feet, red, leather, proportions, or handle!

  10. but it's a package. i like to see the whole package. i also have, as you may have guessed, a red bag. just about the most neutral color a bag could be i think. this one sounds like a good addition for you, as your other bags are dissimilar. i'm going to pass the link along to a friend who, like me, has always loved a good doctor's bag. (i'm a huge huge fan!)

  11. Ed: Yes, I think red's a great neutral or works-with-everything accent. Whole package -- I'll see what I can do with my camera and the dark interior.


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