Monday, June 23, 2008

more weekend stuff

Even more weekend stuff:

Sunday morning, crêpes at our favourite spot, then we checked out the KRAZY exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. This goes way beyond comic book art, and is well worth the visit. We're members, so I just did part of the show on Sunday and will visit again to take in more. I left Paul there and headed off to HMV Records to see if I could find a disc by Sneakin' Out, having enjoyed their contribution to Saturday night's concert so much. Sadly, HMV had nothing, but I picked up a disc of fado (having fallen under the spell in Lisbon), and headed to the cashier. On the way, I spotted a guy with a rather familiar mohawk and dared to ask if he was a drummer, and yes, yes he was, and was he the drummer we'd seen play last night, and yes, even better, so he was! And I said how much I'd enjoyed the concert and how disappointed I was not to have been able to get a disc, and he said if I didn't mind waiting while he found a few discs, I could buy one from his van just down the street. And I didn't, so I did, and he did, and we walked, and I got the disc, and shook his hand, and walked off even more impressed. Really, check them out. Sneakin' Out, out of Portland.
With this kind of serendipity on my side, it obviously behooved me to hit the shops and I scored a marked-down-to-$25!! white Philip Lim, button-down shirt at The Gap in exactly my size, one of the series of designer whites that I'd tried to ignore earlier. At $25, what's to resist, right?
We finished off the day by driving out to visit my mom and my sister's family. Kathy has four, three girls and a boy, like me, but hers range from almost-8 to 16, so it's always very lively around there -- reminds me what it used to be like and causes me to marvel at the energy I must once have had to keep up. My mom had fallen and cracked her cheekbone while we were away, so I was relieved to see her looking active and content, no longer bruised anymore. Back to the West End for a bowl of pho and that's another weekend over. Hope yours was a good one as well.

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