Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pretty Pictures for You

I expect to be in Paris when you read this, taking many pictures and storing up adventures to tell you about when I return. While I may find a computer and Internet to post occasionally, I'm concentrating on just being there and enjoying Paterfamilias' company. But I've taken advantage of Blogger's delayed publishing feature to leave some posts so that you don't forget me while I'm gone. Comments are welcome as always, and I’ll see them if/when I check my e-mail. I might not be able to answer them from Europe, but I’ll do my best to respond when I get back.

I found this broken eggshell on the beachside terrace the morning after we'd been in Victoria for my birthday lunch. A bit of a mystery, because it hadn't been there when we sat out with our tea the day before, and we doubt that it fell from the nest with half the shell tucked into the other, as I found it.

I wonder who or what found it, more likely in two pieces as below, and then snuggled the halves into one, and left it behind on our patio. The beach right in front of us is public access (as is all beach up to the hightide mark, here in BC), and we do get visitors with a loosely defined sense of boundaries. . . Nevertheless, pretty, no?
And here is an Allium (Christophii? Giganteum?) just begin to flower -- each of those buds on the end of the mini-stems will burst open 'til there's a fabulous globe of purple stars
Some structural resemblances to the much more common and more floriferous Centaurea cyanus (Bachelor's Button), starring all over my garden as we left.
And another Allium globe
I'm sure we'll be seeing gorgeous floral displays, probably much more manicured, in Paris, and I'll be taking photos galore, just for you!


  1. That eggshell is so beautiful, what sort of bird comes out of it, do you know?

  2. Broken egg shells in nature always leave me a little concerned. I worry some predator had a free lunch. I suppose the clean break means the bird broke free. Is that how it works?


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