Monday, May 5, 2008

Pater needs shoes too

Walking through Kitsilano a few weekends ago, we stopped in a shoe store that caught my attention -- Royce Shoes. Paul liked these orange PF Flyers but protested that he didn't really need new shoes and we left. As we walked down the block so that I could check out Immersion Consignment Clothing, I pointed out that he could occasionally buy something that he merely wanted rather than absolutely needed. Surprisingly, while I was shopping the vintage, he excused himself to go back and buy these shoes (he's normally very frugal and considered about any purchases, so far from self-indulgent that it can be annoying!).

Are these not a gorgeous shoe? Notice that the cap is patent?
Can I admit to taking a certain mischievous pleasure in the fact that Paul has had to take stock of what sweater he's wearing because of these shoes? In other words, if he's wearing jeans and a green or orange v-neck sweater, he's going to have to either change the sweater or wear different shoes. Almost like the woman in his life, no? I'll get that boy to see things my way yet!


  1. This is the second blog I have read today that has a orange show featured prominantely. Are orange shoes a fashion trend? I hope so. I love an orange shoe.

  2. Funny you should mention that -- I'd actually been wanting to get a perfect orange sandal myself, but now that Paul's got orange shoes, that would really require some coordination of the wardrobes -- we'd want to avoid showing up in matching orange shoes!


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